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Having a heavy duty sewing machine is important though. I had one on my tiny yacht.
MT, not sure leather is the best upholstery material on a blue water boat. Must be for show. 😏
We are going to Mexico next week and we can get out without a problem but need a rona test to fly back in. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. My daughter came for four days. I think it was the first time we were together since she graduated from HS. She turns 50 next month. We all did a good job holding our tongues and she was quite respectful. No tears thank goodness.
Happy birthday, Marlene!
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The Navarro Report seems to illustrate a lot of the fraud by comparing voter lists with death records to come up with the hard count. Also comparing change of address info with voter lists. I think it is
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Great minds, C.
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Sorry the weather interfered with a St. George stop, MT. Sounds like you had quite an adventure!
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Thanks, Peter. That is a fun site.
We just signed up for a VDH tour in Israel, late May and early June. I know they fill up fast and it would be such fun to have a 10-day JOM meetup. It is pricey but we have had five other trips canceled and that saved a lot of travel bucks.
Just a note that Robin in the red lipstick has great gift totes at her website. Selection is more and more limited. I am only letting you know after I purchased three. ;-)
sbw and Jane, I remember that conversation, Sunday morning after the big Sturbridge meetup. I also thought Jane gave brilliant insight and advice.
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Peter, you deserve this good news! Fellow president-elect. I can’t figure out your link.
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NEW! I will be selfless, like Allison.
Lyle misses Extraneous. Come back, come back you two.
For Jane Pam Kelley, a Kennedy casualty, passes away Howie CarrNovember 22, 2020 at 8:55 a.m. Pam Kelley was 18 years old in the summer of 1973 when she accepted a fateful ride in a Jeep from a male member of the Kennedy family on Nantucket. Joseph P. Kennedy II flipped the Jeep on a sandy cutoff and Pam Kelley was thrown out and paralyzed from the waist down. She would never walk again. She spent the rest of her life in a wheelchair. Pam Kelley Burkley died Friday at the age of 65. She lived 25 years longer than the doctors had predicted back in 1973. She is survived by, among others, a 31-year-old daughter and two grandsons. The accident had no adverse impact on Joe Kennedy’s life and career, of course. For crippling Pam Kelley, he had to appear before a local judge who had graduated from Harvard with his uncle and namesake Joseph Kennedy Jr., a judge who like Joe’s father Bobby had once worked in Washington for Sen. Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin. In between sporadic attendance at a string of second- and third-tier colleges, Joe was accompanied to court by his mother Ethel and his uncle Ted. The senator was making his own first appearance in a state courtroom since pleading guilty to leaving the scene of an accident after killing Mary Jo Kopechne in his own motor-vehicle accident four years earlier on Martha’s Vineyard. For putting Pam Kelley in a wheelchair for the rest of her life, the family-retainer judge fined Joe Kennedy $100. That’s the Kennedy M.O. They all live their lives like Tom and Daisy Buchanan in “The Great Gatsby.” There is more.....
Alison! You are supposed to post first. Before you link.😏
Mel, thanks!
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Mel, that tweet is “unavailable”!
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Jane, you can be my AG. You can move the DOJ to Florida.
What’ll you bet Vogue has already done the dr. Jill-is-the-most-lovely-First-Lady-ever photo shoot?
Hang in there, Jane. When does your good eye get the cataract removed?
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And, Iggy. Your post at 10:41 last night is brilliant. Just wish we could find a cure for what ails those afflicted.
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