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Stephen D Echard
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The Russian Collusion o nonsense was nonsense. There was the matter of the Clintons and Russia,the uranium etc. There will be no civil war but it could get a bit like Belfast during the troubles only much much less violent. If that starts up then you will have surveillance cameras everywhere. "the Democrats have moved radically to the left, pushing ideas like open borders, reparations, prosecution of "hate speech," 57 genders, and socialism. If it comes down to a choice between Trump and a socialist or quasi-socialist," AMEN Europe cannot even save itself from hordes of migrants who hate in many cases Western civilization. There could be a Civil war in France. I pretty much agree with Micahel's thoughts. I like something Trump does but not him to be honest. If the Iranians cut off oil in the straights I don't think Europe can or will sit by. AN invasion no but a navel attack most likely. It really is not oour business anyway we are now oil self suffice. I wold much rather see jus partner militarily with Poland and Hungary to help them prevent a Russian adventure and let the Nato countries protect themselves. Anyone who thinks the military would side with leftest in America ,does not know the military
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Feb 10, 2019