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shuta chantal
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As soon as someone differs from your opinion you have a rage attack and you try to smash him with all kinds of ignorant arguments and innacuracies. You are worse than your president. Any good scientist can easily see the many fallacies of your posts, like the last one. I have made my mind some years ago to leave people like you in their own ignorance. Yes, a fool has many good reasons to have more hope than you.
You said: "Shut up and go away until you've got something that works" How ignorant from you. Did I wrote something about working things? Quoting wind, sun and fresh water as the only source source of renewable energy tells me already the dimension of your ignorance. You, being a fan of these complex, heavy and inefficient plug ins just confirms it. So I feel no need to answer you with facts. And haven't you read? Do you see a man who is wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him
Why should we invest so much money on nuclear energy instead of renewable energy. Solar and wind energy must be the future (there is plenty of them) every other source is a waste of time and money.
VW ID3 (neo) with a range of 330km (WLTP) will cost 24000 €. That's the same as a gas Golf with 150 ps. The version with 550km range will be over 200 ps and have a price of ca. 30 000€, a little less than the Basis version of the Tesla 3. So Chinese are wrong, it will not be in 2025 but in 2020!!!
But in a heavy duty truck or heavy SUV this kind of storage paired with a Wankel-motor and you will see amazing ranges!
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Dec 6, 2018