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Hi Chelsea Lee. I spent some more time looking into this. This seems odd as it breaks the last name. Take mathematician John von Neumann and citations of his work on "von Neumann Entropy": You say APA would suggest breaking the last name and stripping away its first (prefix) part - an in-text citation should thus read: ...von Neumann Entropy was discovered... (Neumann, 1920) and even stranger: Neumann (1920) first discovered von Neumann entropy and applied it to questions of statistical physics. ? Could you provide APA's guidance on this?
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Great! Follow-up question on this: de Sena is the last name and we agree that it should be sorted under S (Sena, Andrea de). However, according to APA, what is the correct in-text citation then? Option 1: Lorem ipsum (de Sena, 2018)? or Option 2: Lorem ipsum (Sena, 2018)? My sense is that it should be the first of these two options (again, "de" is a prefix that is part of the last name, not part of the first name). However, I wouldn't know of any citation manager that supports this option... What does APA say? Thanks for answering - I very much appreciate it!
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Hi. Thanks for this post. Chelsea Lee (@chelsealee), what you're saying is at odds with the IFLA's take on this - see here: For your example of a French surname with a prefix, see page 69, which provides Musset, Alfred de La Fontaine, Jean de Just as in the 2009 update for France: My own name is Portuguese - see page 186. I'd like to confirm the following: Andrea de Sena, which should be sorted as Sena, Andrea de And again, the 2009 update for Portugal: Finally, this may be different for US names (page 252, where the prefix "De" is capitalized) - however, I'm referring to French and Portuguese cases here. Could you point me to the respective section in the APA manual?
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Dec 13, 2018