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Eileen D
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Marni, I'm not trying to rain on your parade, just merely pointing out what worked for me. If you want to keep protesting then fair enough. I suppose if we look through history, any large movement or social change was sparked by people with something to say and fighting to say it. Good luck!
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No point in kicking against the pricks Marni. Let them steal your work, let them not give you credit where credit is due, let them ignore your exceptional talent, but, if they don't learn to treat people the way they wish to be treated themselves then, rest assured, that Karma will ultimately come back and kick them in the butt. Their souls will surely perish and stagnate without a vision. Let yours live on and if you are able to make it through this dark time and shed that which has weighed you down then you will open up once again and even wider than before. I was in a very similar situation to your self and fell into an existential crisis, or the 'Dark Night of the Soul', but through it I came to understand (and I hope you will too) the illusory aspects of the ego and the importance of letting attachments go. Give up fighting the system Marni and learn not to rely on others to validate you. May you find Peace in your soul and strength in your spirit to gain the courage needed to move forward in your life.....take your eye of the rear-view mirror and onto the road in front of you. Holding onto past pain and resentment will only hold you back.
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Hi Marni, I'm now a big fan of yours after having watched all of your videos over at I think what you do is absolutely amazing by the way. Although I have only a basic education in physics I do try to follow the work that Klee Irwin and his associates do as best I can. I'm not that bad at Maths and it helps a bit (just!). I am a regular and only female contributor over at the forum, under the moniker "Bot" (for short!), but this is the very first time I've visited your website and was amazed to find, that here, you are talking about the 'Magic Star' barely two weeks after I uploaded a post about it under the thread "TR-3B?!" - in the 'Anomalies' section of the forum. I practice the I-Ching and believe in synchronicities, so I'm really chuffed that despite my very basic education in physics, you as a very competent academic are now speaking about it as well. If you don't mind Marni, the next time I consult the I-Ching, I will ask the Tao to send you some good luck energy. I think you deserve loads!
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Dec 14, 2018