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Hi All - This is it, our final week before presenting to our client. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around how fast this semester went. This was a really product past week for our team. Things kicked off Monday by presenting to the class on what our focus is and gathering feedback on that. We followed that up with meeting with our client the rest of the evening to go over final details and catch him up to speed on where things stand. He was incredibly pleased with everything and I think is really excited for our... Continue reading
Posted Apr 14, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
Hi Everyone - It's hard to believe how close we are to wrapping this project up. We had a good week collectively as a group, beginning with our meeting last Monday to discuss where things stand. We went through the different insights each member was tasked with focusing on, discussing what needed to be elaborated on, needed quotes, etc. I think I've mentioned it in previous posts, but getting together in person to have these types of conversations is undeniably easier than doing it through a video conference or group that. It's more productive, everyone's contributing and it's just easier... Continue reading
Posted Apr 7, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
Hi Everyone - Our team had another great week making significant progress on this project. We had a great meeting with Dianne, and feel really good with where things stand after getting feedback from her. All of our insights are uploaded into a shared drive, and we've split up each category for members of our team to focus on the results. We're also starting to analyze the data to formulate graphs and charts that we can use to while presenting to our client that I think will really help get our points across. One things we've been discussing internally is... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
Hi Everyone - I can't believe we're already through Spring Break and heading into week 10. Even though it was Spring Break this past week we had a lot of success within our group. We've finished all of the interviews and have split them up to transcribe each one into an excel spreadsheet focusing on main topics that we came up with collectively. Everyone is just about finished with doing that and then we'll begin transferring the data and insights into graphs to begin formulating our final presentation. We have a call with Dianne on Monday to review where things... Continue reading
Posted Mar 24, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
Hi Everyone - Crazy to think another week is in the books and Spring Break is right around the corner. Collectively as a group we had a really productive week. It started off Monday night getting together with our YPO contact. He was incredibly pleased with where things are at. I should mention, this upcoming week will be our last week of interviews. We began the project with the goal of completing at least 20. Once it's all said and done, we will have completed just over 40! Our group got together prior to our contact arriving so we could... Continue reading
Posted Mar 10, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
Hey Gang - We had another great week for team YPO. We were able to get the rest of our interviews scheduled for our initial list given to us. On top of that, we were sent our second list of members to interview since we had been getting through them so quickly. It's funny looking back at when we started this project I remember thinking how difficult it may be with getting some of these interviews scheduled and here we are halfway through the semester already having surpassed our initial goal with still three weeks before our initial deadline we... Continue reading
Posted Mar 3, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
Hi Everyone - Hope you all had another great week. My team (working with YPO) had a productive week getting through another round of interviews. We have just about completed the minimum our client had asked us to do, so from that regard I feel good about where we stand. We're still waiting to hear back from additional members, and will be getting another list of them from the our client as well. I think collectively everyone on the team feels good about where we stand from an interview standpoint - we're a few weeks ahead of what we were... Continue reading
Posted Feb 24, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
Hey Class - Crazy to think we're about to head into week 6 of the semester. It's been flying by. This past week was another great one for our team working on the YPO project. We were able to get another round of interviews completed, making it 12 (I think) thus far, with another 8 scheduled in the next week or two. The floor we set for ourselves was to get through 20 interviews, so to have already hit this number (including the scheduled ones) this quickly is a huge relief. It's also encouraging from the standpoint that we have... Continue reading
Posted Feb 17, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
Hi Everyone - Hope you all have had another great week working on your projects. My team is working with YPO - an organization for President's and CEO's - to better understand engagement amongst members within the Cincinnati Chapter. This past week we got our first round of interviews complete, which was a huge relief. We've been able to collect a ton of data and are already beginning to start to see trends that will help us out for the rest of the project. I think the biggest thing was just getting the first few (7) complete. We've got another... Continue reading
Posted Feb 10, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
This past week was really encouraging for our team. We met with our client to go over expectations for the semester, which I think really cleared the air on a number of questions. We got our interview list and started reaching out to set up dates and times. The response rate was strong right from the get go which also made this feel a little more fluid. We're meeting again this upcoming week with the client to make sure everyone is on the same page. We also wrapped up our charter and got that submitted, which was great. Everyone on... Continue reading
Posted Feb 4, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
Hi Everyone - Hope the semester is off to a great start for you all. I always feel like the first week or two are kind of a blur, but rhythms seem to come together by week three so I'm relieved to finally be in that groove. Regarding this project - my team is partnering with the Cincinnati chapter of YPO. YPO is a global organization for Presidents and Executives of various size businesses. It's made up of over 27,000 members in 130 countries. The Cincinnati chapter has about 75 or so members. Our goal for this project is to... Continue reading
Posted Jan 27, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
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