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Kevin Bourque
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"I'm pretty sure the propane guy doesn't go around quoting Cicero!" Did you ask? Never assume things about people ;-)
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2019 on Rude Awakening (OT) at The Online Photographer
Plenty of custom (and production) guitars and basses go for $3K and more. The most I've ever spent is on the order of $1-$1.5K on both items...a Canon 6D body and a Rickenbacker 4003 bass. I own a Hasselblad but I didn't get one till they were cheap. Curiously, both are niche items. I mostly use the Canon for astrophotography. I've got a perfectly good (and smaller) m43 Panasonic for day to day use. The Rick has loads of personality, and that's the problem. Sometimes you want the bass to blend in, not stand out. Also I like to mod my guitars, and I hate to drill holes in expensive stuff. If I had a $5K camera I'd be afraid to touch it!
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Jan 28, 2019