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Hi Cam and Sharon Thanks for the last couple of notes. I realized the other day that I haven’t sent you an official thank you for having us down to Lethbridge. So this is it: Thank you both so much for having us. We really enjoyed our time with you, treating us to a round of golf, feeding us and for beating us at Wizard. We really enjoyed our visit. Thanks for your feedback on crying Cam. It is a tough sensitive subject. I like it because it is a good release. Yes Ken doesn’t cry often either but he does well up easily. Some thing I guess. You guys leave next Sunday. You have a long layover in Calgary as I recall. Are you going to see the kids of do you want to hang out here with us. Let us know. You could have brunch or lunch with us and have a nap if you need to or play a game of Wizard. Let us know. You would be most welcome. Worked at the Flames Foundation Charity Golf Classic today. I had Mike Vernon as my celebrity. Beautiful day! Had fun. Ken had a la crosse player that wasn’t a celebrity as far as we know. Good day. Hope you are both doing well! Talk to you soon. Love, Rita and Ken
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Feb 7, 2019