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Soylent Red
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Ah ha ha. First.
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2019 on Brexit: Endgame! at JustOneMinute
FWIW, I have thought a lot about daddy today. We really are like grass, green for a season then gone. It’s a cliche but it highlights to me the importance of doing meaningful things with the time we are given, because when our purpose here is fulfilled we will be taken home sometimes without warning. Look at all the people he touched here, and you know there are lots more he touched out in meatspace. Whatever his purpose on earth he clearly made his time meaningful. There’s a lesson in that for me.
Toggle Commented Mar 7, 2019 on Breaking Bad at JustOneMinute
Coming in late on this (thanks Typepad!). Really sad to see daddy go. I never met him but he seemed like a great human being who loved life. Kaor daddy!
Toggle Commented Mar 6, 2019 on Breaking Bad at JustOneMinute
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Mar 6, 2019