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You ask for a miracle:
The rest of the story going on
Chauvin is an example for the rest of cops like the j6 gulags it cant be understood otherwise.
More than likely
Not so much
Whats the weather like over there, very humid or a little breezy.
Its like those row of dominoes in cornwall gus not a clear thinker among them
Fool me once nod...
This is what bezos sees fit to pront
Never mind
Sharp as a tack
Does evidence matter anymore My fiahwrap had a segment why you had to dosmiss eye witness testimony shirley
This shows enemy action
This was the first piece that named the gunman in any context
Tim blair was so much on point
Wonder why
Its the tip of the iceberg
Even earlier
He was at the war game back in october 2019 sponsored by world economic forum
And on that note, adieu for now.
They cant be sneaky now a pastelito preferably guava or a turron almond nougat now those are deadly
He seems nice i actually met frank richardson he was a long time aclu figure at nova u who was with one of these committees against repression or some such his career went by to 1936, ans this was in 1994
Well he has been drinking heavily but i dont think so, those radio signals from the mirror universe like that jet li film with jason statham