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Interests: public policy, business strategy
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Frances - this is an excellent analysis. It should be noted that a similar policy was adopted in the federal Accountability Act for public servants employed in the Govt of Canada. Inter alia, the act ended "double dipping" by federal public servants ie of collecting both pension and salary. It achieved this by requiring that any federal public pensions received be suspended for any retired public servant who returned to the public service as an employee. The pension payments were reinstated once the public servant left the public service. This did not apply to federal public servants who returned on a contract (after a 1 year cooling off period), which seems similar to retired profs teaching one or 2 courses on short term contracts. If I understand the ministry discussion proposal, any salary compensation from the university to a prof, who was also receiving a university pension, would be reduced dollar for dollar. If we want to retain any support in the wider public, that sees professors in the universities as a very privileged elite, we should support this proposal to end what is widely perceived to be unfair and unjustified "double dipping" in universities.
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Mar 13, 2019