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Furthermore :) ... among the many jobs you do at TOP are Writer and Editor. Maybe you should relax on the Editor one a little and allow some to post comments without moderation — maybe you can have a ‘whitelist’ and/or and make people ‘sign in’?
Toggle Commented Dec 16, 2020 on Two Comments at The Online Photographer
Whether or not you *have* to upgrade can depend on your various devices. For example, if you use Apple Reminders a lot then if you have a phone/iPad with iOS 13 then Mojave won’t sync with them if on the same Apple ID. My experience was that Mail also didn’t sync properly until I’d upgraded to Catalina.
Thank you Andy @ 05:00 am for the recommendation. It looks like it might work with my hearing aids, I’ll look into it! @Mike, it’s OK if you disallow this as I realise it’s near breaking your rules ;).
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2020 on New Toy! at The Online Photographer
All of what you wrote! I bought an iPad2 whenever they came out and still have it but the Home button is flaky so one has to substitute the touch controls, so it only gets used as a clock to show ‘Australian’ time since that is where most of my close family are. However I’ve since bought about 5 used ones, usually about £80, and given them to computer-challenged friends and family and they’ve all taken to them. Currently I have an iPad Pro 10.5 bought used but replaced with new under the guarantee that came with it, and an iPad Air 3 that I bought when the Pro broke and I did not expect it to be repaired. The Air3 also died and was replaced by Amazon. It’s odd that the two most expensive ones died and yet the cheap used ones kept going but that tends to prove that devices break soon or work for ever. Regarding your storage, it was likely cheaper to buy Cloud storage from Apple which is about $3 monthly I think. On a different note, my hearing is variable and bad despite hearing aids and I find the iPads are the only device I can hear voice on for TV etc. Don’t know why that is except all other devices boast about their bass reproduction so I suspect it’s related to the tiny size of the iPad speakers.
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2020 on New Toy! at The Online Photographer
I didn’t see it that way (giants) until I read your description and then I did. I think that although I enlarged it my eye was drawn to the tractor/child rather than the adults. However, similar perceptions can happen in real life. I’ve several times confused a running hare with a deer, and vice versa, when distant and on the skyline/raised ground. I *think* it’s partly due to mistaking the height of the grass in those cases.
Sorry, having read my own link in the earlier comment, I see I can watch it live (no ads on BBC TV here in U.K. Life is cruel isn’t it, I have no interest in football (if it is football, not sure ) and could watch it on TV, phone, iPad, computer or whatever for nothing!
Super Bowl. According to you can watch it in an app on you iPad or online in a browser without paying. Or maybe the wireless?
This is good news. Very happy for you!
Toggle Commented Jan 31, 2020 on Doctor My Eyes at The Online Photographer
There’s that but also something else was going on for Virginia Woolf — she didn’t like the hoi polloi writing letters just as many now disdain social snappery.
Photo gallery of the Brasserie is by Peter Turnley
Toggle Commented Apr 4, 2019 on Peter Est Français! at The Online Photographer
On “age-related trouble with names” that Mike mentions above, I think I have that but I also have an iPhone ;-) . Usually when I meet someone and cannot remember their name I do remember some other thing about them like wife’s name or part address or their organisation and so on, and since I put these sorts of things in my contact list on the phone I can usually retrieve their name. Of course I haven’t truly forgotten their name because I recognise it as being correct so it’s more a matter of retrieval from memory.
Toggle Commented Apr 3, 2019 on Super Recognizers at The Online Photographer
Mike, this is off-topic except that you have posted a lot about computers recently and maybe I should have emailed you, but I thought others may have the same experience. For at least the past several weeks the comments in TOP have not been refreshing normally. If I refresh the page (or go to another post and back again) then some of the later posts are missing but reappear on later refreshes. A current example is in the post “The Very Very Very Best Backup...” where sometimes Hugh Crawford's post at 01 April 0813 PM is the last post and at other times Isaac’s at 02 April 0810 PM is the last! This is mostly on Safari on my iPad Pro iOS 12.3 (but happened on 12.2 too) but also I have checked on that post on Safari on my Mac Mini MacOS Mojave. I know that sometime we get odd results if we log in when you are updating the blog but that does not seem to be the case here. Have you changed something about the commenting recently?
Well, I give you a ‘pinch and a punch for the first of the month’ since arguably you posted this after 12 noon from my point of view. You posted at 0943 EST which was 1345 BST here in UK and when your readers in, say, New Zealand read it it was already tomorrow!
For phones I’d like to see a convertible case that could fold somehow to make a grip, perhaps with a pop up wire finder. Bluetooth shutter button built in and switched on when folding out the case to make the grip.
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2019 on Height of Tech at The Online Photographer
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