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Thanks for the question, R. Buddemeier. I actually put that paragraph in for the very concerns that you state! He is building on a biblical foundation and our ancient Christian tradition. Rohr is a Franciscan, a Catholic priest, and his theology is consistent with both Franciscan and Catholic doctrine. (Actually, a concerned person reported him to the Vatican, and he passed their inquiry easily!) Of course, the Catholic view of the atonement precedes Luther and Calvin, so it may not be as familiar to Protestants and others. The Franciscans in particular emphasize the incarnation as evidence even before the cross that that God loves and reconciles with the material creation, which counters the falseness of Greek dualism. He also connects us with the Girardian view of the atonement. There's not new, heretical stuff here. Though the assertions in my paragraph are indeed in the book and have been in his teaching over his many years, he does not dwell on them at length in this book because he assumes that you already have that foundation.
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Apr 24, 2019