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Colin Walsh: "3 - Radio Shack: It may be that it was corporate failure that did in Radio Shack, but much of waht was once sold on G street is now carried at Target." As a self professed Audio Video Nerd with a lifelong like / dislike relationship with Radio Shack, I can say with some authority Radio Shack competes with Davis Ace more than it does with Target. Ace has an "okay" Audio / Video section, and when they had the home store, basic appliances like phones. Target is horrible. Nobody I know goes to Target for that stuff. You go to Ace, and hope for the best. Target doesn't even have the cell phone retail stuff that Radio Shack had, and I think that was some of their major business in the end. Anyway, I'd love to be proven wrong, but the statement "much of what was once sold on G Street is now carried at Target" doesn't ring true for my experience.
"Copies usually must be provided immediately..." "Usually" being the key word here. I don't think you have a case, despite the dramatic investigative foot- in-the-door theatrics.
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May 6, 2019