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Civil Discourse
Recent Activity The Davis Tree Commission was scheduled to give input on the proposed scope of the Climate and Environmental Justice Commission on Wednesday but was unable to hold a meeting due to failure to achieve quorum. Three of six commissioners were in attendance including Chair Jim Cramer, Vice-Chair John Reuter and Ann Daniel. After waiting 15 minutes as per Brown Act rules, the meeting was called off. City Clerk Zoe Mirabile was at the meeting...
Colin Walsh- I guess I said it that way because you are a commissioner of the commission being discussed, and yet you don't have the power to even get your meeting minutes posted, or make posting them a priority for commission activity?Don't you agree that Commissioners not having the power to influence agenda *even* to get meeting minutes posted for the body they sit on is somewhat surprising?
Colin Walsh- I think you are saying Commissioners lack the power, and City staff the time, to even get minutes posted.
Slightly disappointing that the minutes of the Tree Commission haven't been posted for almost a year, especially considering years past are more complete:
Alan- maybe? No idea. You challenged folks to take legal action, maybe they did?
From this post: "the only way to find out is to take legal action. Accusations are nothing. Money, mouth is? Bit tired of the accusations, but would love to see a showdown! Posted by: Alan Miller | February 25, 2020 at 11:19 AM "
Alan C Miller- I suppose I just don't see the "illogic" in the statements made by the Police. This article didn't clarify that argument for me. Anyway, related to this topic, the local journalism class released this episode:
Colin Walsh: "3 - Radio Shack: It may be that it was corporate failure that did in Radio Shack, but much of waht was once sold on G street is now carried at Target." As a self professed Audio Video Nerd with a lifelong like / dislike relationship with Radio Shack, I can say with some authority Radio Shack competes with Davis Ace more than it does with Target. Ace has an "okay" Audio / Video section, and when they had the home store, basic appliances like phones. Target is horrible. Nobody I know goes to Target for that stuff. You go to Ace, and hope for the best. Target doesn't even have the cell phone retail stuff that Radio Shack had, and I think that was some of their major business in the end. Anyway, I'd love to be proven wrong, but the statement "much of what was once sold on G Street is now carried at Target" doesn't ring true for my experience.
"Copies usually must be provided immediately..." "Usually" being the key word here. I don't think you have a case, despite the dramatic investigative foot- in-the-door theatrics.
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May 6, 2019