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Metro Detroit
Passionate Motorhead, Motorcyclist, Guitar Playing Music Lover
Interests: High Performance Automobiles, Sport Cars, Motorcycles, Kit Cars, Building-Modifying-Racing
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The new Inline Ingenium 6 is a wonderful engine. I love supercharged engines, especially any with the TVS Eaton but the Ingenium I-6 is so much smoother, faster revving, with a nicer growl. Both the 2.0 liter and 3.0 liter Ingenium change into an almost big block version of themselves with the e Supercharger super cap option. It adds 50 hp to each and transforms how they feel. Not just in the top end but right off idle. There is no hole while you wait for the turbo to spool up. The Evoque turns into a point and shoot. Just a blast to drive in the twisty mountain roads we tried them out on. The Sport felt more powerful then before with such a better sounding exhaust note. The new e I-6 felt much more refined and loved to rev. Power comes on strong. Much more like a large engine then a high powered smaller engine. It never felt strained on top and I'm sure the redline could be much higher. The super capacitor is recharged by braking when an electric motor comes alive and quickly brings the trunk mounted super cap up to full charge to send to the e Supercharger. They had to change to a 48 v system to handle the power requirements. Now if they can combine the above with the CX-75 175 hp KERS replacing the torque convertor then add one of those CX-175 or and you're really talking. Maybe that will be an SVR version? Thats a little insane but I bet thats where they are pointing. While I would have loved to see a Ingenium Double 6 twin turbo and twin e Supercharged combo, that will happen only in my dreams. They can just add on hp by adding on different combinations of E Tech. Nice to know performance isn't dead and we still can enjoy E with ICE engines.
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May 31, 2019