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Dear Rabbi Brody What touched me the most in your post is that both of us are Israel-based children of a 90+ year old parent of the Greatest Generation who is in hospice care in the States. Dad tells anyone who will listen that he's "98 and a half" with the accent on the "half". He fell a month ago. and when the hospice nurse asked him if he'd hurt anything he answered -- in character -- "only my pride." He, too, has congestive heart failure. If frightens me to hear the rattle in his throat and see the severe edema in his legs. His condition was much better only 3 months ago, the last time I visited him. My sister, a true Eshet Chayal, bears the brunt of liaisoning between him and the assisted living center and hospice staff as she lives close by. My brother flies in to visit for a few hours at a time every now and again. I've taken it upon myself to phone him every day, including his moetzei Shabbat. Rabbi Brody, it's a miracle every time I speak with him, and I thank Hashem every day for the privilege of being able to give cheer to my father. My standard joke is to answer "you've got it wrong again, Dad," when he answers the phone with a "good evening". Most always it makes him laugh. One last thing: Before leaving for the airport for my flight back to Israel he told me "I appreciate you living in Israel". Now, he's an ideological reform Jew, very Zionistic, and had expressed many times his pride in me living here. Yet this was the first time he told me he "appreciates" me living in Israel. It took me a month until a few days before Pesach to realize the tremendous merit of his words: All of his siblings' descendants are assimilated. His son, my brother, is childless. One of my sister's boys has a non-Jewish girlfriend. On the other hand, Baruch Hashem, not only do all 4 of my children live in Israel, but my married son is a chassid of Rebbe Nachman with 3 children of his own. I realized that Dad sees us as the bearer of the family's flame of Jewish life and tradition. May each of us be privileged to merit much more quality time with our dear parent.
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Jun 16, 2019