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Terence Q. Burns
New Britain, CT
Veteran who wants to right the wrongs of our lives!
Interests: Homelessness, Employment, Veterans, Living, Social activities, Biking
Recent Activity
The current myth involving us as Veterans who served is that everyone who uses the acronym "Veteran" is doing their portion. In all reality, the reason why we're homeless and suffering is because politics doesn't give any of the right to living in a fair society. Veterans everywhere is suffering because of the cuts to all of our programs by our Federal Government that make us all the lowest common denominator having served. Many of our Brothers and Sisters are being treated unfairly due to ignorance and medical problems acquired while serving. In order to get a fair rating via our VA System, you have to be almost dead. As a Veteran and Recovery Specialist, our organization has found a way to combat the Homeless situation as One. The current programs cut will be brought back via @NaVU. Anyone who is a interested in helping us out is inquired to reach out to me.
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2019 on Homeless Vets at Everyday Sociology Blog
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Jun 24, 2019