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Patchouli Woollahra
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I have to wonder if these emojis remain readable by scripts and gestures, as some gesture systems are run by pre-emoji emotes.
in the long term, the only way to guarantee survival of a metaversal platform or protocol is not to hitch it to any closed-source libraries or APIs. Second Life may have gotten a lot of launch speed out of relying on lots of closed source, but the growing pains resulting from this stuff going out of support or increasing in usage costs are a late-coming bill. A transition to pure open-source for everything is the long-term goal for any massive online system looking to last a long time.
It would be a nice gesture for Linden to waive the cash-out fees on a one-off basis for this fundraiser. Every dollar counts when doing disaster recovery and relief, and those cashout fees can amount to a small but significant chunk of cash not going to where it needs to go.
Linden Lab has been known to waive the bottom two fees on proof that a USD cashout is intended for a valid charitable cause. They're not blind to the negative optics of charging those fees on a charitable cause. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about the first fee as there's no way to ensure the entire sum of L$ goes to a charity.
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Jul 29, 2019