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Grizzly Peak
Life Began at 64 years and 10 months
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Bubarooni--- condolences to you on the family news! Farm moms hold a deep place in my heart. they held entire communities together: i experienced it first hand during my time in southern illinois farmin them hills. blessings to you and yours, Bub. Go Hoosiers!
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State Department contractors receive $2,100- $4,000 per refugee for initial placements etc. Here's the 2019 report on refugee admissions from POTUS to congress--- compliance with Immigration and Nationality Act State Departments spends $548 million annually on "resettlement". Health and Human Services (feds) spends $1.4 billion on housing for illegal alien children. Estimated cost of "resettling refugees" over 5 years: $8.8 billion (cash assistance, housing, health care, the Moon). All stats cited in NOTES section of Malkin's OPEN BORDERS, Inc. Methinks Trump has put quite a twist on this insidious and well-organized spigot, manned by brokers of "in country" deals providing aid (free money)to "governments" (cash never seems to reach the front lines), funding the associated endless humanitarian crises driving emigration and civil war. chalk up another $8 billion in corruption. Much of the cash is laundered through SOROS' and other billionaire non-profits (open society and tides foundation come to mind) which filters the cash into US resettlement efforts by still even more shady church and SJW non-profits and legal service crooks. Enter Bill Taylor and Masha What's Her Name (Ukraine's bag lady). no wonder these "career diplomats" don't want the likes of Rudy "the Loose Cannon" poking around their fiefdoms. i am of the opinion that these dots are worth connecting when it comes to the entire Ukraine fiasco and the nonsensical demonization of "quid pro quo" in the impeachment farce.
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Power's goin out and the roads will be a "Freeway Jam"
"What Is and What Should Never Be"
does Barr's move into criminal territory put the cabash on the DC judge's ruling over disclosure of the Mueller shitake?
Good summary of what Barr's recent actions mean now that things have gone "criminal": MUST READ FOR NON-LOYAS!
anyone seen verification on who's layered up in the wake of the transition to criminal investigation by BARR DURHAM?
since when does the Department of Justice set its own investigatory agenda? sure, it's prosecutions etc must follow the US code and the President must be hands off in that respect as DOJ investigators follow the evidence. the FBI was rogue under J Edgar but is that the independence the Dems refer to here? the Attorney General is a flippin cabinet appointment and where is it written by law that the AG must be opposition based to the President? they dint say chit when Stedman was wing man for the Bath House Rat. and now that he's shilling for the Democrat party on redistricting, what access does that walking Boner have to DOJ resources to work the data he exploits. they can all GFT. #somepeopleneedkillin
livin' in Tulsi time:
guess it'll do when ya caint win that there No Bell Piece Praz. the good news about the beetle is the larger version of it eats Democrats and pees gasoline.
wearing her yellow dress. cork soaker.
the Flying Monkey Jarrett needs to hang.
the Deep State: too big to fail? ;)
break out the cyanide caps.
for more on the big money human trafficking racketeering going on under our noses: OPEN BORDERS, Inc. by Michelle Malkin. the Deep State purge must continue. but let's not take our eye off the is not so much about a coup as it is about taking down our sovereignty and our citizenship rights down with it. big money syndication is working through Antifa and the Left to continue the march regardless of what happens to Comey et al. spooky shit.
will Comey's prosecution open the way for prosecuting Ol' Wine Box?
i read this morning that Lindsay Graham said he'd vote against Trump in a Senate impeachment trial? is that disinformation? hard to believe he'd swallow the Schiff menu to that degree before anything takes an official turn. amazed that Schiff refers to the stoolies he's been interviewing as "witnesses." to what crime(s). lingo!
"The vibe I'm getting from the GOP Establishment & NeverTrumpers is that they are more scared of what Trump is going to expose than they are of a future where the Progressives gain full control of the US government." i agree about the current vibe point. But until the Reckoning occurs at the hands of Trump, Romney has to protect his own ass from the Progtardo destruction machine. He has a lot to lose--- inside DC and out. i agree. desperation is in the air and it smells like Pelosi Schiff.
oops. misread that tweet. Bloomberg dude needs to get a grip. not Scalise. yeah. oy!
Brit Humus: cancel yourself. Brit Hume @brithume · 3m This is really quite remarkable. Steve Scalise complains about the alleged unfairness of the House impeachment inquiry and this Bloomberg commentator sees the complaint as “moral depravity.” Man, get a grip.
isn't part of the coup ruse that it is in Schiff's committee which sets up the "national security" cloak of secrecy? asshats. even Lucianne is featuring articles about POTUS resigning himself to impeachment. Goggle is running a story pumping up Justice Roberts as being vigilant about McTurtle not running a quick trial in the Senate. WTF i hope all of these stains DIAF. one man's opinion.
Man Tran: just sent you a second email with some updated information! Cha
"You have no PROOF that Roberts ...." and i don't need to have proof to opine that Roberts complicity (as a supposed conservative justice) in shoving Obamacare down the country's throat with his infamous tax ruling was conforming to Obama's tune and Pelosi's chicanery in Congress. that was an epitome example of the Freudian Hydraulic as practiced in large bureaucracies every damned day. so stick it.
Tom R: the Prog Army runs on a river of dirty money. Romney's not above having one of the annointed pull the trigger on him. It's why he's mute on Prog treason today. One man's opinion. He's as scared as John Roberts.