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Life Began at 64 years and 10 months
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Passed along by a high school friend who is a lifelong Democrat who saw the light and voted Trump in 2020. Is experiencing aftershocks of Harris' ascent to the Oval Office. " The History of Kamala Harris For your knowledge and interest about the Biden VP. Here is a timely editorial that exposes the hidden background of Kamala Harris from the Combat Veterans for Congress Political Action Committee that is posted here with permission of the author. CVFC PAC supports the election of US military combat veterans to the US Senate and House of Representatives. The editorial begins: Kamala Harris’ father was an avowed Marxist professor in the Economics Department at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. Both of Harris’ parents were active in the Berkeley based Afro-American Association; Fidel Castro and Che Guevara were the heroes of the Afro-American Association. The group’s leader, Donald Warden (aka Khalid al-Mansour), mentored two young Afro-American Association members, Huey Newton and BobbySeale; they created the Maoist inspired Black Panther Party which gained strong support from Communist China; the Black Panther Party served as the model for creation of the Black Lives Matter Marxist organization Khalid al-Mansour subsequently went on to arrange financing and facilitated for Barack Hussein Obama to be accepted as a student to matriculate at Harvard Law School. Following her graduation from college, Harris returned to California and subsequently became the mistress of the 60-year-old married Speaker of the California Assembly, Willie Brown, Jr. Brown’s political campaigns were supported and funded by Dr. Carlton Goodlett, the owner of The Sun Reporter and several other pro-Communist newspapers. Brown was elected as Mayor of San Francisco, and strongly endorsed Harris’ Marxist political philosophy; he guided Harris' political rise in California politics, leading to her election as California’s Attorney General. Willie Brown, Jr. was a well-known long-time Communist sympathizer. Willie Brown, Jr. was initially elected to public office with the substantial help of the Communist Party USA. Today, Willie Brown is widely regarded as one of the Chinese Communist Party’s best friends in the San Francisco Bay Area. While serving as San Francisco District Attorney, Kamala Harris mentored a young San Francisco Radical Maoist activist, Lateefah Simon, who was a member of the STORM Revolutionary Movement; Simon currently chairs the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Board. Simon has always been close friends with the founder of Black Lives Matter Marxist Domestic Terrorists, Alicia Garza, as well as STORM member and avowed Communist, Van Jones. Harris has been openly and aggressively supporting Black Lives Matter Marxists; Kamala Harris is still closely associated with Maoist Lateefah Simon and Marxist Alicia Garza. Kamala Harris’s sister Maya Harris was a student activist at Stanford University. She was a closely associated with Steve Phillips, one of the leading Marxist-Leninists on campus and a long-time affiliate with the League of Revolutionary Struggle, a pro-Chinese Communist group. Phillips came out of the Left, and in college he studied Marx, Mao, and Lenin, and maintained close associations with fellow Communists. Phillips married into the multi billion dollar Sandler family of the Golden West Savings and Loan fortune. He funded many leftist political campaigns, and the voter registration drives in the Southern and South Western states in order to help his friend, Barack Hussein Obama, defeat Hillary Clinton. Phillips has been a major financial sponsor for Kamala Harris’s political campaigns for various California elective offices. Harris' husband, Doug Emhoff works for the law firm DLA Piper, which “boasts nearly 30 years of experience in Communist China with over 140lawyers dedicated to its ‘Communist China investment Services’ branch. He was just appointed to Professor at Yale to school future lawyers inthe fine points of Communism. When she was elected to the US Senate,Kamala Harris appointed a Pro-Communist Senate Chief of Staff, KarineJean-Pierre. Jean-Pierre was active with the New York-based Haiti Support Network. The organization worked closely with the pro-Communist China/Communist North Korea Workers World Party and supported Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the far-left Communist former president of Haiti and the radical Lavalas movement. Fortunately for Harris, but potentially disastrous for the Republic, elected office holders are not subject to the security clearance process. If the FBI did a Background Investigation on Kamala Harris, she never would have passed, because of her 40-year close ties with Marxists, Communists, Maoists, and Communist China. Harris would never have been approved for acceptance to any of the 5 Military Service Academies, been appointed to a US Government Sub-Cabinet position, or would have been approved to fill a sensitive position for a high security defense contractor. Yet, since Joe Biden was elected, Harris could be a heartbeat away from being President. The US constitutional Republic is being threatened by the People’s Republic of Communist China (PPC) externally, and by their very active espionage operations within the United States. The People’s Republic of Communist China (PPC), with 1.4 billion people, is governed by the 90 million member Chinese Communist Party (CCP), that has been working with Russia to destroy the US Constitutional Republic for over 70 years. If the American voters read the background information (in Trevor Loudon’s article) on Kamala Harris, they would never support her election as Vice President of the United States. Joe Biden is suffering from the early onset of dementia and will continue to decline in cerebral awareness; he will never be able to fill out a four-year term of office. Since Biden was elected, the Socialists, Marxists, and Communist who control Kamala Harris, are planning to enact provisions of the 25th Amendment, in order to remove Joe Biden from office, so Harris can become the first Communist President of the United States. Since Biden was elected, because Biden would not be up to it, Kamala Harris would lead the effort to appoint very dangerous anti-American Leftist, Communist, Socialists, and Marxists to fill highly sensitive positions in the Washington Deep State Bureaucracy. She would fill all appointive positions in the US Intelligence Agencies, in the Department of Homeland Security, in the Department of Defense, in The Justice Department, the Department of State, the FBI, the CIA, most cabinet positions, the National Security Council, and in the White House Staff. American voters must alert their fellow Americans that Kamala Harris is a very serious National Security threat to the very survival of the US Constitutional Republic; she has been a fellow traveler of Marxists, Communists, Maoists, Socialists, Progressives, and Chinese Communists for over 35 years. President Trump had much more background information on Kamala Harris than we presented here, and he was correct, when he accused Kamala Harris of being a Communist subversive." Geoffrey B. Higginbotham Major General, USMC (Ret.)
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Hola, GUS! Fam be good. My grandSon Helio is learning to play the guitar, grandDaughter is learning the flute. Hope y'all are doing well. Happy Anniversary of your Son's arrival.
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Haven't said "fill'er up" since '72.
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JOM2 cuttin into the JOM flow?
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Last Tango in Harris is taking calls with the Leader of the Fromage Gorging Surrender Monkeys.... boy, that musta made him proud to have her blowing smoke up his ass. Did she let her wretched niece yap with Micron? "Say hi to Meenie, Frenchy." As vapid as she is vile. Once she's sitting in the Big Chair I give her 72 hours before she shits the proverbial bed. JOM pool! JOM pool! JOM pool! JOM pool!
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"“As for scale today, they don’t represent 1% of the meat in the world, but they’re on their way,” he said." -Bill Gates Kinda like wind and sun power are on their way?
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"So Black Farmers need help that White Farmers don't. It's fucking absurd. The dirt and weather, don't know your "COLOR"." Posted by: GUS | February 09, 2021 at 06:41 PM Respectfully I'll submit to you Brother GUS--> the USDA does. "Dispossession" by Pete Daniel. No theories. A presentation based on the agency's county by county track record that even King Rat Obama had to cover up.
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peace be with you and yours, matt. the best is yet to be. Kev
Willie Brown loses the limelight at SF Chronicle. Will he have to revive his Last Tango in Harris gig to stay relevant?
What if a new "history month" came into vogue: Global genetic minority history month. Who would we be celebrating?
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Matthieu is a high-strung prima donna in a football uniform. Brady probably told him the truth and called him a lil bitch. Matthieu is in keeping with the long-standing tradition of KC Chiefs defensive backs....e.g. Freddie "The Hammer" Williamson meets GB TE Max McGee in SB Uno. Goodnite, Freddie.
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Good Morning, JOM. First- congratulations to Bruce Arians and the Bucs. Great season! Beating KC twice to win the crown. Your QB has a lot left in the tank. Fournette. Yeowsa. Second- I'm staying away from the experimental vaccine. My GP assures me that in the event of full-blown WuFlu I'll get a hydro scrip- supply and local availability are good. I've got a phat supply of Ivurmectin in reserve. (Neigh, whinny, snort!) Until these cockbags require vaccination papers to travel etc color me unvaxxed. Third- things will get worse here in the states before they get better. My main concerns are: orchestrated civil unrest theater by the DNC (e.g. the barb-wired capitol); Iranian/Kerry capers against Israel; accelerated Red China infiltration of the American strategic R&D infrastructure and defense intelligence networks; disruption of food production and distribution supply chains. Fourth- reading an excellent history on American slavery, a cliometric perspective. "Time on the Cross- the Economics of American Negro Slavery" by RW Fogel. Serious chops land many an iconoclastic blow upon long-held (and still widely taught) lib-prog shibboleths re the peculiar institution. Fifth- I'm not a better guitar player than i was at the start of 2020- but I am in far better health 17 months after valve surgery. Superior according to the doctors and bloodwork. New fitness routine (less is more) plus a music-less Peloton regimen (guided meditation instead.... world of difference. Sixth- in case you are still reading: seeking to replace ten per cent of the 80,ooo thoughts I have each day which are repeats from yesterday with new ones. Tough to track but the focus is what matters---- in conversation (work, internet, home) i short circuit or ground out any exchanges where the same ideas or themes get repeated expressions which ignite reactive thought and emotion chains. Time I won't get back. This includes the perpetual rehash about our enemies within. Now, onto today's mission. Imagine: if the world began today, then what would you choose to be doing, Mr. Kev? Have a great week.
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Have you given that noveller a good rewrite yet (since the fall when i tried to read it), Narciso?
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Feb 1, 2021
Count me in on that AT piece, OL.
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""Republicans are no longer entitled to exist as a legitimate political party because this authoritarian backlash has been building since new Civil Rights laws were passed in 1964 and 1965 in response to white racist violence captured on TV that required the National Guard to quell." "I know this because I teach a course on White Supremacy at Smith College that focuses on anti-Semitism, anti-Black racism, and the many intersecting components of white supremacist ideology." Professor of Whoppie Studies at Schmidt College gets by with a whopper. Bull Connor was a Democrat. Bull's boys were Democrats. The controlling elites in Mississippi and "their governor" during the fight over desegregation were Democrats. Congressional Southern Democrats were by and large "anti-civil rights." And once CRA 64 passed, on a county-by-county basis, rural Southern Democrats in the USDA apparatus controlled agricultural subsidies (to the tunes of billions of dollars)which drove several million Negroes OUT of the states of Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. In effect, southern Democrat control of local pork disbursements NULLIFIED equal rights legislation which got rubber-stamped from the passage of Brown vs. BOE through the 60's civil rights/great society legislation, rubber-stamped through Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, Obama 1 and 2. For 263 pages, and a line-by-line citation of this key piece of American history and the politics of civil rights, see Pete Daniel's master work entitled "Dispossessed." No theories just blood and guts presentation from official correspondence, meeting minutes, local county USDA sponsored agencies.... the county ag system as conceived and mobilized into hyper-drive post World War II to "deal with the Negro problem." The use of the county agricultural system to force a targeted population off their land (nearly 1,000,000 black farms lost in the 20th century largely through no access to federal capital via local agency loan and farm subsidy programs which was earmarked for white farmers by local Democrats) was a mirror image of the depopulating program installed by the Extension Service beginning in the 1860s against American Indian communities east of the Mississippi. Professor Ross and her "intersection" nonsense are a disgrace. She is using the marxist-Gramscian ploy wherein the mythology of "race" validated in order to weaponize efforts to dismember the Constitution and the laws of our country which furthers progress of the "final solution" to capitalism. Meanwhile, she and the legions of other so-called "anti-fascists" bear out Churchill's prophesy: "The fascists of the future will refer to themselves as 'anti-fascists.'" Churchill loved the poem "Who's in Charge of the Clattering Train"--- which seems very apropos to the lethal shadow being cast upon we conservatives by "anti-fascist" dilletantes like Professor Ross at Smith. An excerpt: "Who is in charge of the clattering train? The axles creak and the couplings strain, and the pace is hot and the points are near, and sleep hath deadened the driver's ear, and the signals flash through the night in vain, for death is in charge of the clattering train" Heard it said once upon a time: "This isn't your private moment. This is about the history of the world." This aint about no "pendulum" of politics. This is about our destiny as a free People. To hell with social justice, racial justice, environmental justice and all the rest of the shibboleths the 6 Ruling families have spun into the fabric of our laws and institutions. There is only justice.
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Tommy Boy- You posed an idiot's choice. Why so reactive? Happy New Year.
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Happy New Year to you, Frau and daddy wherever you are. Yer missed!
Iggy- that super hero comment strikes a chord. The way of thinking that you refer to reminds me of a mentor's words: "Dont limit God. Trying to think your way out of a problem is telling God that you KNOW what the demonstration of his will is and how it will play out. And it casts God as some kind of human super hero which your pea brain has magically evolved to comprehend." Have a great 2021, my friend, and may all your intentions bear pleasing fruits! Kev
"In that case we have a lot of idiots here at JOM who put their trust into Trump." Is that all you got? Iggy bitch slapped you. So now your move is to use your Aristotelian defined "wrong logic" habit to hide in the JOM drapes? Your view of the world isn't sober, Tom. You've been told and shown over and over. It's still an idiot's choice. You'll learn. I think.
CH- you're already a remarkable Grandfather. Three's a charm. Congratulations to you, Grannie S and, of course, the new Momma. What a great pic. Those little bodies generate a lotta heat, no? Remarkable little people.
"Now Trump’s tweets all say “STAY TUNED!”. Should Trump supporters have hope and faith that there is some unknown plan in the works or should they be despondent..." An idiot's choice.
Thank you, sbw. Your pragmatism an wisdom throughout this year made a significant difference in my trajectory throughout this incredible year. Blessings to you and yours throughout 2021 and beyond! -Kev
All i know for sure today is that what is breeding and multiplying within the minds of Americans today, 12.31.20 will MOST likely still be here on 1.1.21. There are many thousands of DUMBASSFUX ( DAFS) in this once great state of Califas freaking out about this " new more virulent strain" that the Pollster Epididymus Fauci and Gov. GelCap have pulled out of their holes. All gone by tomorrow right? Why else would these DAFs be crowing ad nauseum " i cant wait for 2020 to be over? I had a great 2020. Pardon my unbridled boast. Heh. My marriage entered a deep state of grace. I went back to work doing significant work to defeat these Marxist cockroaches infesting corporate boards and universities ( what did you do during the war, daddy?) Relationships with my 5 siblings deepened intellectually and spiritually. I started and developed two online businesses- publishing and marketing. I finished writing 1 manuscript and have 3 in the editor pipeline. Provided business counsel to my wife and FIL which SAVED a family business that's been around since the 1880s ( no extra charge neither!). I thought i'd be specific so when those deep state tech ball bags move on their dissenting problem people like us here at JOM. Nothin like permanent incriminating record, eh? New Year. New mind. An Eternal Sacred Heart. Rejecting fear. Inheriting Love. You Aint Goin Nowhere- The Byrds Happy 2021 y'all.
Looking back on something now so foreign: "We" Shawn Phillips
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