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Stephen Hinkle
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I have a couple of questions. Could you provide the correct instructions for citing a quote from a live conference presentation that is NOT published and/or available in a book, CD, or website or another source and it is a non-poster style presentation (as in a breakout session or Keynote)? The reason I am asking is the following: * Not all conference presentations are about the results of published research and statistics. * Some share first hand perspective stories, tips from their own experience for others to learn from, memoirs, and not all presenters talk from a published script. * Some conference handouts and PowerPoint are owned by the authors and not owned by publishing companies and not all are in print as books. * Not all speeches are published as books or video blogs. * Not all presenters have handouts I suggest that APA provide a blog of how to quote a speech or cite a conference presentation in cases such as these. Just because it hasn't been through a publishing company does NOT mean it is uncredible, especially if the presenter is an expert in the field and knows the topic well. Many times first hand stories are very powerful education tools for professionals and policy makers to learn from. * Many newer presenters, students, and others may not have a lot of publishing experience or a publishing contract yet. As someone who is an international speaker myself in the autism and disability advocacy field (presented in 24 US states and Australia) but hasn't done a lot of publishing, I tend to educate others from the first hand experience in the disability system, I am well known in the field. I is just one example of someone establishing their credibility in other ways (such as advocacy in the field). APA should provide a way to cite such people.
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May 3, 2019