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As always, I've had to skip chunks of the postings, so I don't know if this American Thinker piece has already been posted. But it's worth re-linking so that everyone has the chance to read Frank Watt's dissection of the FISA warrant process, making it clear that the 17 serious "mistakes" found by IG Horowitz could only have been the result of intentional participation by high level FBI and DOJ figures in a planned attack on Trump.
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Iggy at 12:41 Those are two fabulous versions of the carol. While I’m generally partial to Pavarotti’s voice, Bjorling was wonderful. Thanks for the links. And Merry Christmas to all from Caro and me.
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D, Caro and I are doing well. My kids and their families are here for Christmas week, with Carole’s daughter and grandson joining us at the end of the week. We had a great visit with Man Tran and Mrs. MT earlier in the month. On the political front, we’re very pleased by the substance of the Horowitz report being so honest about the gross misbehavior by the FBI and “leading” Democrats, even if Horowitz was chicken in his bias statement. Hope all the Independents understand these facts and understand what they mean about Democrats, the MSM, and the truth. Hope everyone is having a great holiday season.
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We have a great indoor range in Park City, UT, to which MT and Mrs. MT have been. The summers there are perfect for almost everyone: not too hot, low humidity, few bugs, and great scenery. We’d be happy to help organize a meetup, if that location works for enough people. We even have some guns to lend :-)
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The handgun competition we were in doesn’t require quick reloading in most of.the process, so Mrs. MT would have plenty of time to rack the slide, if time is the issue. Otherwise, she could use her revolver, and have almost no speed worries about reloading after every five shots. Details if you want them.
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MT at 3:25. Congratulations to Mrs. MT on that fabulous shooting. The two of you (and any other JOM’ers) should join Caro and me in St. George next October to compete in the Huntsman World Senior Games. We did Centerfire Handgun this year, with Caro winning a gold medal in her age class, and I a bronze. And please do stop here on your way back from North Carolina. We’re in St. George all of December, except December 2-4 at Front Sight for training. Call or write if you want to talk about any of this.
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Re: Clarice at 4:29 pm Thanks, Clarice. Caro says hello.
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Henry Olsen provides some good news from Tuesday's election results, though the news overall still isn't great. Believe it or not, this piece was in the WaPo! "The media is missing the big story from Tuesday’s elections By Henry Olsen Columnist November 7, 2019 at 12:12 p.m. MST The immediate post-election story has focused on the continued Republican problems in the suburbs. But there’s another part of the story that is good news for the GOP, a part that shows our continuing realignment moves in two directions. That story is the ongoing movement of formerly Democratic regions and voter groups toward the GOP. President Trump’s dominance has clearly moved many formerly Republican suburban voters into the Democratic camp. But it has also moved many former Democrats into the Republican — and not just the pro-Trump — camp, as well. Consider Pennsylvania, where Democrats have rightfully crowed that they took control of county commissioners in the suburban Philadelphia counties of Chester, Delaware and Bucks — once the center of Republican strength in the Keystone State. But Republicans gained control of county commissions in more counties on Tuesday than did Democrats. Three ancestrally Democratic counties in western Pennsylvania — Westmoreland, Greene and Washington — turned red on Tuesday. Republicans also gained control in tiny Cameron County and in Luzerne County, home to Wilkes-Barre and one of the largest counties in the United States to flip from Barack Obama in 2012 to Trump in 2016. As the culturally liberal suburbs move blue, the culturally conservative hinterlands swing red. Deep-blue New Jersey jumped into the act, too. Republicans won now-Rep. Jeff Van Drew’s (D-N.J.) old state Senate seat in a special election and also picked up two General Assembly seats in another part of Van Drew’s congressional district. This seat flipped from Obama to Trump in 2016, and these wins show that voter sentiment in blue-collar southern New Jersey is shifting toward Trump’s party, too. Washington observers may have been puzzled by the fact that Van Drew was one of only two House Democrats to oppose the resolution establishing impeachment procedures, but he clearly has his finger on his district’s pulse. He won only 52.9 percent in 2018 against a Republican nominee who was abandoned by the party over his long history of racist comments. He knows that the partisan realignment lauded by national Democrats is threatening his career. Even the Democratic wins on Tuesday come with asterisks. Democrats took over the Virginia state Senate and House of Delegates because court-ordered redistricting eliminated the pro-GOP gerrymander protecting a number of Republicans. Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam had carried every delegate seat Democrats gained on Tuesday, and GOP candidates often performed better than Northam’s Republican opponent, Ed Gillespie. Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin (R) has apparently lost his reelection bid on the basis of widespread rejection by urban and suburban voters, but it’s worth noting that he ran well behind other statewide GOP candidates in rural areas, too. Republicans won every other statewide office in Kentucky, including the victory of African American Daniel Cameron over the scion of a long-powerful Democratic family, Gregory Stumbo, for state attorney general. Cameron won all the suburban counties that Bevin had lost. This is not meant to minimize the very real problems Republicans face in educated suburbs. This decline is extremely problematic for the future of the party. But the fact is, the party had rocky future prospects in 2015 before the rise of Trump, too. To understand why, it’s helpful to put Republican voting groups into four “animals”: elephants, RINOs, TIGRs and RAMs. Elephants are the Republican base, divided into sub-factions of business conservatives, fiscal conservatives, and social conservatives. RINOs are moderate suburbanites often derided as “Republicans in Name Only.” TIGRs (or “Trump is Great Republicans”) are the blue-collar voters who have moved to the GOP. And RAMs are “Recently Arrived Migrants” — the nonwhite voters who will make up increasingly larger shares of the electorate in the next decade. The Romney-era GOP was an alliance between elephants and RINOs that could win the House with ease and was competitive in the Senate. But it could no longer win the presidency. This was the coalition that failed to take a majority of the vote in all but one presidential election between 1992 and 2012. And its unattractiveness to RAMs meant its power would shrink as time went on. The Trump-era GOP trades RINOs for TIGRs. This coalition cannot win the House, but it is stronger in the Senate and in the presidential race because TIGRs tend to be more concentrated in older, whiter, more rural states in the West and Midwest. It, too, will fade in power because it is unattractive to RAMs. The Republican future rests on putting elephants, TIGRs and RINOs together and making that coalition attractive to a larger share of RAMs than is currently the case. That’s a tall order, but it’s not impossible, and it’s certainly no harder than the Democrats’ challenge of uniting their divided factions. Tuesday’s results underscore the need to regain RINO suburban trust, but they also show how important Trump’s TIGR realignment is to the party’s future. That is the full lesson from Tuesday’s ballot — and the first post-Trump Republican to articulate this unifying message will be the next Reagan that the party has longed for."
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JMH at 10:31 pm I probably get half of the JOM postings read each week, so I miss a fair amount of stuff. I do agree that the MSM/lefties very effectively and consistently paint us all as mindless deplorables, mostly wearing aluminum foil hats. That’s one of many reasons why I hope that the Horowitz report and Durham’s efforts come out with such compelling and straightforward proof of Democratic Party/MSM lying, cheating, and illegality that it can’t effectively be brushed aside. Then we’ll see a lot more good guys elected, and a much better, more fair, more constitutional direction for the country. Otherwise, ....
Toggle Commented Nov 7, 2019 on South of the Border at JustOneMinute
Re: JMH at 6:28 pm on 11/5 I think the Senatorial article is pretty accurate. While I think Trump overall is doing a great job as President, and is immensely better than Hillary would have been, or than any of the 2020's Dems would be, we shouldn't kid ourselves that all is well for our side. Most voters are both low information and not very politically savvy. They really don't know just how un-American (anti-liberty, pro-big government, anti-free speech, guns, and religion, etc.) the Democrats have become, and get most of their knowledge/feelings about politics from the MSM, even if that's done indirectly via Facebook or whatever. So it's probably accurate for the article to say that most moderately conservative college-educated suburbanites, especially women, are anti-Trump, because voting results seem to support that conclusion. One can guess that the cause is that Trump's frequent brusqueness and carelessness with language offend their sensibilities, and they don't understand that reacting by voting for Democrats is contrary to almost everything they believe substantively. Look at the Virginia legislative results, a combination of the ever-increasing number of rent-seekers living in Virginia near D.C., and the voting conversion of those moderate Republicans. We have to find some way to reach the wrongly converted, or to find sufficient offsets among the minorities who have been manipulated and oppressed by the party that claims to care about them but actually enslaves them to the government. In the meantime, it probably makes sense for all of us to give what we can afford to whoever the Republican candidates in the general election are, since elections are binary, and the Republicans, for all their frequent spinelessness, are still almost all better than any Democrat. This is especially true regarding judgeships, since an awful lot of important law is made in the courts, and the Democrats uniformly appoint judges who act as (unelected) legislators.
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RE: Iggy’s 2:44 Can’t describe California any better than that.
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Jane (at 1:05], we’re having a great time, sitting in the Old Course Hotel, looking over the 17th fairway of the Old Course, while watching Shane Lowry super-perform at Royal Portrush. And we'll be playing that course next Sunday! Now off to the first dinner with our golf tour mates, with whom we’ll spend the next two weeks.
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RE: Lyle at 6:07 Good points. Our AR pistol in .300 has Molon Labe on its lower receiver (though we didn’t put it there).
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