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Lawrence Celestalis
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@Fionalein thank you for sharing the link, people will see how some forum participants tried to smear Djehan, a honest, true artist who is trying to save her sim. I am sure people will judge for themselves.
TDD123 I have received so many messages of people who had in visiting Hangars Liquides their sole reason to visit Second Life, that's really amazing and honours the builder's efforts!
@Fionalein happy to see you contributing here too to the salvation of Hangars Liquides! The Hangars Liquides non profit is accepting donations as the French national law prescribes. Donors will receive a free gift in exchange.
@Isabelle Cheren spreading the word will make a difference anyway! Thanks
I strongly disagree: it's not because LL for ages had no real policy to make things sustainable for talented and technically gifted artists, that they need to keep being wrong and lose more good artists (if there are any left beyond Djehan Kidd). This makes no sense at all.
irihapeti that's of course not what happened. There was a technical misbilling which created a misunderstanding that was only recently cleared. I'd avoid assuming things without knowing what really happened.
JohnC I wouldn't say that, only because historically LL never had a real policy to support outstanding artists, they should keep going the wrong way. A change for the better is always possible and may contribute to invert the trend.
Fiona, Hangars costs about 300 euro per month at the moment. By blocking rentals because it is a non profit it's really crazy! It's always been an open city, open to everyone, human, furries, robots, anyone.
SAVE HANGARS! I made a thread on Sl community so you all can make yourself heard:
Apparently we will be left with badly built porn sims only. All the builders now use prefabs, ripped textures. No one builds like Djehan anymore, from scratch, doing research and experimental art. Many of her textures are hand painted. Top Italian architect who teach at MIT, who I showed her work to, told me she's genius, despite having graduated as a multimedia artist and not as an architect. I am always surprised as LL doesn't get that good content, especially real new and groundbreaking art, like what Djehan is creating, should be supported and cherished. LL should fund Djehan so she can keep creating and updating Hangars, and Second Life will still have its best art city. Moreover, they should ask her to be their consultant for great building, so we would avoid builders who are supported by LL, who still imitate Salvador Dalì in 2019! LOL! I've seen so many good sims go since the rising of the servers' price in 2010 and it's hard, as a resident of HL since 2011, to see the best Sl sim, created by best friend go.
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Jul 11, 2019