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The reason this review is so infuriating is because Ms. Manvel seems to take issue with the idea that the movie follows the mans perspectives. Nicole is the strong one in this film, the one who says enough is enough, and decides to take full control back of her life. But there is an entire other side to this story, and that story is not of a "bad guy", its of a deeply flawed man, who is struggling to navigate the awful divorce process and retain some meaningful control of his life. If the story followed the traditional, man does wrong, women flees, man makes life hard on her, then its simply lazy story telling. Tell me the truth, show me the pain. What Mr. Baumbach presented was pain. Two people, once in love, have grown apart as their lives have progressed (careers, children, etc). Nicole makes the hardest, and bravest choice of the movie by choosing to end their marriage. It's what follows that makes this compelling. She leaves town with their child, and puts Charlie in an impossible position, accept that his child now lives 3000 miles away, use his remaining wealth to establish a residence close to his child while feeding into Nicoles legal team, or contest the move. What is a father to do at this point? Mr. Baumbach weaves his personal story through the movie showing the often overlooked story of the person "left behind", and who is just along for the ride in the legal system. Calling this story telling "misogyny" is hardly accurate.
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Marriages fall apart for any number of reasons, and there is immense pain on all sides. Ms. Manvel seems unwilling to attempt to understand the pain Charlie feels during a divorce even if he is mostly to blame. Apparently a divorce story from a mans perspective is just to much for her? A divorce is a painful experience, for all parties involved Ms. Manvel.
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Nov 8, 2019