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Thank you Sonya for your valuable links and additional info. Thank you Spence for your cool, calm ray of sanity. Thank you Brian for refusing to accept the delusional denials of the straightforward facts.
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Worth reading again I think: RSSB chief Baba Gurinder Dhillon's associates threatened me with life, alleges filmmaker Sheetal Talwar Received death threats on phone after lawyers pursued unpaid $1.25 million towards Baba's treatment abroad.
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I know the feeling having experienced same. It's like losing your best friend. Condolences
Toggle Commented Oct 17, 2019 on It was a good day for our dog to die at HinesSight
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Jesse, just have to comment on your main concern that going Vegan will put everyone out of a job. Going Vegan will feed everyone on the planet many times over, no more children dying of starvation or anyone else for that matter. Not that anyone will listen but going raw Vegan would feed the entire global population twelve times over. By continuing to rely on animal protein which is one of the leading contributions to climate change, there will be no planet left soon. Climate change will make it impossible to even work, especially in India where temperatures are hitting highs that are a danger to life. These will inevitably increase year by year. In a short period of time people will either have to migrate or die from the heat and drought. Which do you prefer, Jesse, death or having to address the fact that animal protein in the diet is not sustainable for the planet? The World Health Organisation has been warning that unless people switch to a plant based diet the earth will soon run out of land and water to sustain us. Just observe what is already occurring with the weather world wide, it is about to get a lot, lot worse. The earth, if managed with respect, will always provide food and shelter, the problem is in the distribution. It is not being distributed fairly. The divide between the rich and poor is due to greed and lack of compassion. That's why everything is in such a mess.
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Tim Tim! Not forgetting Fairy.....You know all about everything if you stayed at Hippo, Tim, I had no idea. I only visited with a satsangi friend of mine who had cancer. Unfortunately, although she was making the most incredibly dramatic and miraculous recovery, when she got back to London she went off the diet and sadly died of the cancer as a result. Just couldn't keep up the raw Vegan and went back to cooked food and grains, you'll know all about that side of the program, Tim. To make the little dark green Sunflower shoots, you have to buy the Sunflower seeds in their shells from your local Organic farm and plant them in an inch or two of soil - not the hulled seeds - although if you're lucky those (hulled) will sometimes sprout to make simple sprouts. Yes, you have to store these seeds, lentils and beans but unlike fresh imported produce they keep for years, so you don't have to keep buying them every week. The other thing have noticed is that you require far less amounts to sprout than you do to cook, per meal that is. I know Brian Clement went to India and introduced the science of sprouts to poverty stricken villagers as a means of solving their food shortages. Lentils, especially are really quick to sprout. They are the perfect answer to food shortages and will prevent complications from malnutrition. As you probably know, Tim, Anne Wigmore survived starvation during the war by eating grasses and wild edibles. Most everyone in the cities died of malnutrition in those dark days but those that ate wild grasses and other wild weeds survived without any complications or even malnutrition until the end of the war. You can survive on wild grasses and edible weeds for at least two years. Two professional Lawyers and their grown kids did just that in the US and proved it. Love and all best wishes to you both, so good to touch down with other kindred souls on here, it even neutralises some of the toxicity encountered when wading through the negative posts! Positive vibes are actually stronger than negative ones apparently which is reassuring and life affirming! It was so nice to get Fairy's input on this as well. Love and thanks, Fairy.
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Aug 1, 2019