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Brook Packard
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There are two themes when it comes to the Rye City Council and electeds like Otis who are supposed to serve their constituents, and party operatives: Privilege and lack of transparency. Watching Otis, Cohn, City Council members, and now Cameron opine on who was “right” or speculating on betrayal for the thruway deal is like listening to a concert where everyone is playing air guitar, drums, bass, and keyboards. Posturing without substance. No one in the audience cares. This is a territorial, he-said/she-said game in which we the people have no say and the handful of players on the stage grow risible and irrelevant. Yes, we are laughing at you when we’re not puzzling over the purpose of such squabbles. And all this is in the interest of more sports fields. More lawns, more mono crops, as we face the breakdown of our food system due to climate change and global heating. This pissing match between electeds and party operatives has wasted enough of the public’s time and space. The commons includes City Council meetings, blog posts, and local paper space as well. We are weary. Here’s a suggestion for the City Council and other electeds: Rather than opining in an endless game of “gotcha!”, survey the effective use of our commons. Does the use of public space proportionally represent Rye families that have seniors, people with disabilities, or those who do not participate in organized sports? How proportional are the public discussions of land use? Are we planning for the future this community and the communities around us – our neighbors – face? There has been no community discussion. Residents are in a supplicatory position - begging for information or input while Otis, Cohn, and the City Council continue to bicker about who betrayed whom in the back seat of the car. As for operatives such as Cameron, “Real Democrat” has hit the nail on the head: Wealth and status do not equal knowledge, wisdom, or skills.
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Nov 11, 2019