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@mahonj With an efficiency of an overall efficiency of 20% for 800Watts of power you need 3.2kW of solar energy. Even in Arizona you need 2.5sq meters for this peak value.
E-scooters are an intermediate step towards individual shared mobility. Placing charging stations along their main routes will definitely improve their environmental footprint.
Different energy mixes in the grid different policies. Hydro and other renewable rich provinces will push for electrification. Others based on fracking gas or oil sands will not. Weather conditions and population density also affect decisions. A sparcly populated province has not as much to gain from electrification as a densly populated province that has a lot to gain from moving smog out of urban areas. Politics has always been, is and will be the result of compromises.
From q4 of 2018 we have to wait till q4 of 2019 and the saga continues.
Interesting. Car prices grow more slowly and have remained flat for almost 25 years.
The winner of Dieselgate in Europe? Toyota! They didn't want to invest in small Diesel engines. Dieselgate paved the way for getting a share from the economy conscious driver without having to gamble.
The key question in electromobility is capital cost. The decision for Mini to move at a slow pace is not something new. Honda is doing the same. Chevy too with the Volt. If the price of the end product is kept in check range won't be an issue. And if you drive 30 miles to work everyday you don't really want a 200+ range BEV to do it.
Oh the irony. In the late 50ties and 60ties electromotion in public transport was retreating because Diesel powered buses were more flexible. Now it is the other way around.
The added cost of a separate electric motor is not insignificant. I can't really expect to pay the same price for a ZF transmission case with a 80kW electric motor but the increased cost could be significantly less than the cost of an ICE + electric motors + conventional transfer-case.
It is only a matter of time before the light trucks division surpasses the cars division in sales in the US. So the plug-in variants for the X3 and X5 will be the decisive factor regarding BMW's electrified fleet.
For automakers building their own battery cells is imperative for containing the cost of making an auto. Batteries account for as much as two thirds of the cost of an automobile.
Londoners are divided over this issue. The use of Public transport and other "zero" emission alternatives (walking, bikes) is the main option for 7 out of 10 Londoners.
The authors in a paper following this one, suggest the injection of a second liquid to suppress pre-ignition. Ethanol and water look promising in reducing pre-ignition.
For the average American 40mpg on the Highway with a hatch is not that spectacular.
The analysis is quite useful but still we have to consider that the average occupancy is quite low since driving is predominately a private form of transportation. The SUV craze is not going to go away any time soon. So it is imperative for the auto industry to focus on optimizing their power-trains to increase real fuel efficiency.
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Apr 2, 2019