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Daniel Ford
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Week 2 is in the books and our beloved Birds are 1-1. They just as easily could be 0-2 or 2-0 so we'll take it...for now. The guys discuss what may have went wrong and possibly some simple solutions to right the ship moving forward. With trade rumors swirling we... Continue reading
Ep. 19 - High N Wide - Week 1 Recap | Eagles/Falcons Preview | Week 2 Picks | Movie Mt Rushmore More fun loving and hard hitting content from the leaders of Eagles and Philly Podcasts. Only Podcast on the Internet that offers a money back guarantee! Continue reading
We've waited long enough. All the dog days are over. No more depending on the Phillies to get us through. Football is officially officially back!!! The boys touch base on the 53 man, review their predictions and naturally gloat upon their brilliance. They also jump into Week 1 against the... Continue reading
The people have been blowing up our TL. Demanding the Fantasy Football Show. "How in the world are we supposed to win our leagues without your input?" Solid question asked by good hearted and smart people. Worry no more!!! The High N Wide Fantasy Football show is finally available for... Continue reading
The fellas breakdown the latest injuries and acquisitions from Training Camp. Quick discussion about what we're looking for in the pre-season opener against the Titans on Thursday. The guys get a little fired up on a couple topics. One could call them rants, you be the judge on that. Latest... Continue reading
The Eagles have finally reported to training camp. Our six month suffering is finally over. Join hosts Dan Ford @dfordHNW and Frank Boub @Franchise99_HNW as they dissect everything you need to know about the Eagles and probably a few things no one needs to know. The boys breakdown the early... Continue reading
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Aug 5, 2019