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Erlea Stojanović
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Thank you, Mike, for doing this awesome work! Community transcript: , anyone please feel free to contribute your fixes and improvements.
Thanks, Mike, for the new great episode! Community transcript: . Anyone please feel free to contribute your improvements
Toggle Commented Nov 26, 2019 on 10.23- On Agitation at Revolutions
I'm not a native speaker, and sometimes I find it difficult to follow the narrative. However, I discovered that it helps me a lot if I first transcribe the audio using some AI into subtitles, which I then can use to lookup and translate unfamiliar words. I decided to put the transcrits I generate to GitHub so they are available to everyone. Any person could use them and contribute the improvements. My hope is that this might be helpful to other people, who are like me. The transcript to this episode is here: , please feel free to contribute! P.S. Fingers crossed, Mike won't be against.
Toggle Commented Nov 21, 2019 on 10.22- Vladimir and Nadya at Revolutions
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Nov 20, 2019