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Rick Merlotti
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Stalingrad. Enough said.
Why Unhinged, that’s just...unhinged. The forces of Freedomocracy only support good terrorists. Get with the program.
Toggle Commented May 7, 2019 on Idlib Dawn - TTG at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Why aren’t the MSM having a hissy fit about the real, documented election interference by the British Commonwealth/5 Eyes spooks in the 2016 campaign (and before)? The hoax of projecting onto Putin what they themselves have done must be exposed before the country move forward on any front.
Well yes, when I said “You”, I meant this Committee of Coorespondence. But could you guys get past nominations and into positions of power?
Toggle Commented May 5, 2019 on Giddoutahere! at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Yes. In my opinion any new president would have been given this treatment had they evinced a detente with Russia policy. Especially Trump, tho, in that he was an outsider. The real underlying reason this goofy hoax was run is that the Geopolitical theories that are Religion to Anglo-American elites say Russia and China must be crushed one way or another. They are just too crazy to give up their dying empire, even if it means the destruction of human civilization. How odd that the great American experiment rests its hopes on Donald F N Trump. I wish him Godspeed but don’t have much confidence he is up to the task. Gotta admire his fighting spirit, tho.
A simple question. Who can any president hire in today’s world that has both expertise and honor? The whole Generals thing may have been an attempt to circumvent the paucity of honorable talent. Didn’t work out so well. Problem is, the Swamp creatures make it damn near impossible to bring on fresh faces without a Swamp pedigree. And then there’s an open question as to whether there are any independent thinkers left in this country with the smarts and the balls to take it to the Borg. I’m not being facetious. I’m really wondering if such people exist anymore. I like Tulsi (gave her some dough, too), Rand Paul, you. Others, anyone?
Toggle Commented May 5, 2019 on Giddoutahere! at Sic Semper Tyrannis
The Special Relationship is hopefully entering the divorce stage. None too soon. Great work, Mr. Johnson.
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Apr 15, 2019