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Interests: Green energy
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Good to see more and more ev production by VW and introduce more competetion for Tesla.
Why design such big heavy monsters with no good looks and be big buden on scarece Earth resources. Small micro safe evs are the need of hour.Earths resources are too finite to allow such waste.
Kerosene production at what cost will decide whether this process is viable.
No scope for such innovations now, simply waste of resouces
IFit is very safe then it can be good solution to household energy needs and for mobility. Lithium is being to costly to replace petrol so we wait for low cost sodium,zinc or manganese battery.
Crumb rubber has been mixed with bitumin for roads for last 15 yrs at Indian Oil's Baroda Refinery in India.
These are the cars world requires for the earth to survive. These will sell in millions instead of heavy resource wasting mosters.Range can be extended a bit more.
Reliance is on way to produce sodium batteries and plans for massive peoduction to drive millions of 2 to 4 wheelers in India. This is only way out to bring down ev coat to reasonable level.
Mass ev penetration all over world can succeed if there is a safe non lithium chiep battery. Lithium is too costly and very less quantity and fire pron for world scale ev success.
This is a very good alternative if we could convert existing diesel trucks to H2. We in Indis have one of largest diesel trucks in the world.
How much ethanol can we have. Obviously we cant teplace all diesel with ethanol. So ethanol cant be final solution perhaps zinc, sodium or magnesium can be.
Maruti suzuki is totally out of tune Zwith Indian ev scene. ELECTRIC vehicle sales are on fire and Indian are going all out to buy EVs. Tata group ev sales are going up daily. Unfortunately Suzuki does not have any ev technology. Most japanese auto companies are reluctant to go electric. Suzuki is doing a great harm to India, its biggest market by continueing to pollute and bring down Oil consumption. Maruti is thus loosing market share every month . Tata s plan to sale 80000 evs this year. Had it not been chip shortage ev sales would be 2 lakhs this year. 3 german luxury car makers have evs in Indian market. Maruti is advocating a bunch lies and is too late on ev scene.
we are confussed whether rDMR production started in 2013 or 2021. What is raw material source and whether it can be done economically and at large scale.
What is the raw material? This is most important base if it is to be called sustainable. no where it is mentioned.
pl give some details of battery , what type is it etc.
A startup in chennai India is ready with new e plane. Test flight conducted and next yr it should be in market. Reliance Industry is ready with sodium battery for two wheelers for now.
Better late then never. Toyoto like others jap companies like Suzuki are arrogant enough to dispise EVs. Both will loose market share heavily. Suzuki is a major player in India and it is hopelessly behind in EVs. It does not think of pollution it is creating and will be punished heavily by a huge reduction in market share. Time govt of India bans new auto companies and models except EVs.
Actual figures of hydrogen cost achieved by this onnovation could have been given.
converting old vehicles to electric propulson is a great way to reduce carbon foot print , reduce cost and generate employment.
Relutant Japanese companies will be viped out by others like Tesla if they dont electrify fast enough.
If the technology succeeds large scale , it can be very useful to the world to reduce pollution.
If electric vehicles have to replace IC engine one, non lithium chiep battery has to be a reality.
Fast introduction is great for GM as usually they take years to develop. No need to wait for Tesla truck now..
A 25 kms per litre is very poor performance in present times. plug in with 80 kms range is required.
2024 introduction is too late. Japan auto companies never have faith in full battery vehicles and are going to loose market share to european,chinese and Indian auto companies