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Interests: Green energy
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Japanese companies are going to be left behind as chinese will take over. Japan will keep running after hydrogen. Toyoto, suzuki, honda are too slow in ev itroduction.
PHEV is the fastest way to reduce pollution and pure electric vehicles can increase as battery technology develops. Solar chargers are the best option.
Years of talking with no production. Talking about 2027 has no meaning.
Welcome news. Lets us have Ev based on it. With no scare metals at all, if it succeeds it will be game changer.
Why build such monsters when Earth is being destroyed by consumerism. we need simple cars .
Exactly what the world needs. ultra light, stylish and very efficient It should be introduced all over the world with a solar charger. All heavy suvs are wasting precious world resources
Ultimately a strong alternative to lithium battery is needed. future battery has to be much chieper and easy to produce to usher in mass small electric vehicles.
Ford does not count in Asia becauseof its oudatedmodels. were it to intrduce Models like Bronco and Mach E, it will get huge response.
What is kms per litre efficiency. This will be most important criteria.
PHEVs should have range of atleast 60 kms to be pollution free in cities
Pl give yearly sale volume by brand and total nos. Percentage without actual figures is incomplete picture.
GM s, Ford , Mahindra s pl note how slow you are on EVs. Even new Vietnam company is introducing 3 worldclass evs at a time
This is what the world needs badly to kill pollution and congestion.Toyoto has lost electric car race. better late then never.
What is the efficiency in terms of kms per litre? what is expected price and how does it compare with IC engine car.
Production start is still far in time.
Let Fisker hit the road . It is all talk till date...
Natural gas is available in few places but electric to methane can be produced everywhere.
A cute vehicle. With improved technology inputs it can be big success.
Why has US slept all these yrs. China is enemy of the world . India knows these . All trade with china is manipulated for price quality etc so US has to start producing all 35 minerals as soon as possible. How come china alone has these minerals.
Mahindra needs to use its strength to priduce Electrical tractor at the earliest. Company is too slow on electrical front inspite of taking over electrical vehicle manufature and being first mover.Most of their vehicles are never attractive to look at . Company sales are going down on car front. Electrical vehicle is the future and company is too slow on this front.
When is delivery of ID 3 and 4 going to start. VW has wasted a lot of time.
very good news. They should also aim to retrofit old buses to electric at a much reduced cost.