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Interests: Green energy
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methanol based fuel cell will be ideal range extender. Even vehicle like BMW I 3 with range extender will drastically reduce fuel consumption and as battery technology develops IC engine will disappear.
gevo has not been able to mass produce fuel or useful petrleum product sustitute after initial producing butanol from biomass.
vw has been talking about future all the time. With such level of robots a 150 cars increase is nothing. progress has been slow in reaching markets. Look at Tesla china plant is ready in record time and first product is on road. chieper smaller electric cars can find a huge market in Asia and India in particular.
good beginning cellulose ethanol is very promising technology but till date no large scale plant has come up. Farmers can benifit and millions of jobs can be created in countryside once technology succeeds.
This idea of offering total operation package at less then diesel operating cost is great. It should be encouraged by govts to do away from heavy killer petroleum pollution.
why do we technology when simple push and care is required. spend your energy where it is badly needed
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Apr 20, 2019