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Interests: Green energy
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Gives no figures to prove, it is improvement in cost etc Without these exact specifications and cost figures, such claimes are daily news without any commercial success.
Electric mobility will be chieper then IC engines once world goes for sodium batteries instead of Lithium. Reliance Industry is verge of bringing that battery to market.
India is going electric at great pace inspite of major japanese auto cos in India have no ev to date. Suzuki is the main culprite. Indian startups will replace Japanese and Europian laggards. What world needs is chiep retrofit kits to turn petrol vehicles to plug in evs. This is what govt need to encourage at once.
By the time Toyoto brings its solid battery to market, chinese companies would be far ahead in 2026 with low cost, ultra long range safe sodium battery. 2026 to too far ahead to stop pollution!
Sodium batteries being safe and much chieper then lithium will chane the ev and eletric storage world if they can reach the market. World research needs to move away from lithium to sodium to solve many critical problems.
How does it compare in cost to present drive systems?
2026 production is too far off. Technology would change by then. Small production should begin right away and grow as it succeeds.
Lot of battery manufacturers claiming extraordinary breakthru. Still none gives trial data on airplane or an ev field trials. Most will thus be exxagerated claims.
Request that we use kms and degrees celcius as most of the world only uses these measures. Pounds are not known at all as kgs is used.
Article writes it as anode free and then mentions it has thin anode. Why hide the customer name instead publish your trial on vehicle to convince the world as almost all solid state battery innovators have failed to install in actual vehicle trial.
Enerkem after yrs of claims has yet to produce green methanol on commercial scale.
No figures given , how much charge density increase or how much charging time decrease expected?
Given cost of battery PHEV with a 60 to 120 kms range would be best for environment and individual. Most people would drive 80 percent of time in this range and there would no fuel need for most people at all. We can have four Phevs for one ev for same battery size. This way world can go electric four times faster. The day we have a sodium battery which can be at half the rate if lithium , world can go pure electric. Let us have readers your view.
This process if economically and technically viable would go a long way in reducing fossil fuel use. Should be licensed to all world areas and process improved.
Using animals killed for fuel is the worst crime a civilisation can commit. Civilisations or western ways of life cant survive such crimes.
Toyoto makes these small changes without actually making effort to stop using fuels at all. It keeps on polluting without any serious faith in EVs.
Today the world needs non lithium battery storage urgently. Lithium is too costly and prone to fires. It has even become chinese monopoly. World has to move to non lithium batteries for evs also then only they become viable for mass production.
Is it plug in hybrid or pure ev? 128 kms for pure ev is too bad for 18000 dollars expence? You can buy 3 teslas for 18000 ઽ . Some wrong figures?
Just yesterday IIT Gauhati India have discovered a new lab process with triple catalyst to make hydrogen from mythyl alcohol thru no carbon dioxide production and good biproduct. This could open up chiep way of making Hydrogen from mythyl alcohol.
Better late then never. Loss making company for years has been a laggard in ev front. If it to survive better intriduce ev models fast and make money otherwise Tesla will wipe you out. Tata motors Indian brain can help you out.
How much hydrogen is produced per day and at what cost per kg?
2030 is long time away. This process if it works will solve two problems of energy and waste.
This is a very poor growth of evs for worlds top brand. Tesla has produced 40 times evs. Inspite of great demand for mustang and f 150 truck , ford is not able to produce enough after 5 yrs of ev production. Even India Tata motors produces more and suitable evs. Japanese and American auto cos may be loising badly in future.
What is production rate per hr and what is per kg cost of Hydrogen?
What is feed stock for renewable DME , is most important information missing here.