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Yes, you're right, listening to stories is very like participating in a buffet! There is such a wide selection to choose from... from the rolls and butter to the dessert. And like the buffet, the wide selection in stories contributes to their deliciousness!
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I thought it was interesting that your brought up the idea of difficulties persisting through the generations. Now many people focus on not only healing themselves, but healing the generations in a family. Someone has to break the cycle! It sounds like you've made a good start.
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I love talking about cars, although I would never lift the back end and spend money on wide tires! My first car was a Corvair (remember? "Unsafe at any speed") which I named "Corrigan" after "Wrong Way Corrigan" because that described my driving perfectly! It was a standard shift and I remember the day I caused a long traffic jam because the light was on a slight hill and I couldn't get out of the intersection...
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I love your analogy with the vegetables! Surprisingly, as we mature we even come to like vegetables! Many forbidding experiences take on a positive aspect as we open our minds.
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I love stories of healing or redemption. It sounds like this little guy gained new self confidence when he listened to the story! I'm glad he learned to make friends.
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Nov 29, 2019