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Except for nuclear power plants SMR (i.e., molten salt reactors) eventually being less expensive and being able to supply methanol, DME, Ammonia et al, to these types of units.
Harvey D. ... My sincere apologies ... This was meant for another post related to SMR nuclear power plants as well as being unrelated to you.. Please accept my apology and I agree 100 percent with your commentary. Regards Shawn
Harvey D does not know what he is talking about. In the East—in Korea, in China and the UAE, which is being built by the Koreans—the cost is $3,000-$4,000 per kilowatt, whereas in the West the cost is north of $8,000 per kilowatt. 4.74 Liquefied U.S. Natural Gas Exports to South Korea (Dollars per Thousand Cubic Feet). Just because the United States can not built cost effectively, do not translate that to Asia.
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Apr 22, 2019