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Hi Anna, thanks for your question! It was, indeed, not until 1987 that the area was reclaimed as Indigenous land.
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This is such an important issue for us to understand as this fascinating technology develops. There is certainly more fear than knowledge around genetic manipulation today, which holds back crucial legislature in this country while others move ahead without much concern for human rights. Thank you for this informative overview and set of resources.
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Hello Joe, Indeed, this is one of two issues of The Body Politic that resulted in the police raid on the publishers' office. The issue deals with the theme of under-aged love and prompts readers to face the reality that, much like in society at large, illegal relationships between teenagers and adults also exist in the gay community. This issue was incorrectly labelled as pedophilic in nature. A judge eventually made the statement that the discussion of these relationships is protected as freedom of expression under Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It was, however, a radical article that also resulted in the withdrawal of support from the Toronto Star. Thanks for your comment!
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Thank you, Bill and NL, for the positive feedback. Of course, no history of queer Toronto would be complete without Jackie Shane!
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May 2, 2019