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That's amazing! Yes, they are so beautiful year round. I love how the leaves cling throughout winter. And the foliage in autumn! We do keep photo albums, yes. They take up SO much space, but I love the feel of a traditional photo album. I'm not sure I could get excited about making them into books, which does make perfect sense but I don't know... on that note, now that it is April I will begin working on my 2020 garden book! I am very excited about it (it's one of my April projects).
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That is not actually how regulated hunting works. In the U.S., hunting and fishing licenses and taxes on guns/ammo significantly fund state wildlife agencies, which manage most of the wildlife in this country. Wildlife biologists lead the effort on behalf of hunters and consider hunting to be a critical wildlife management conservation tool, helping to balance wildlife populations with what the land can support, limit crop damage, and assist with disease management. This funding is responsible for improved and healthier deer populations, the return of bald eagles and wolves, extraordinary wild turkey populations, and even a very much increased (high!) black bear population (speaking of animals in my region as those are numbers I am most familiar with). Hunting and fishing in the U.S. is a sophisticated, highly regulated and managed system of wildlife growth and protection that has been lauded and emulated around the world. In fact, the saying goes: "If you enjoy wildlife conservation and seeing increased populations and healthier herds/flocks, thank a hunter, they pay for most of it." Unfortunately, the decrease in hunting in recent years has in turn decreased conservation funding because not as many licenses are being purchased, so certain programs and efforts are at risk. I come from a generations deep family culture of sustenance hunting, and my own father was a hunter safety and conservation instructor. I have spent more time around hunters than the average person spends, and do not know of anyone "blasting into oblivion anything that moves." There are a few jerks in every crowd, but overall, you'd be hard-pressed to find a human that cares more about the vitality of forests and its inhabitants than a hunter.
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Our resident woodcock has returned. Before coltsfoot, before peepers, before green grass, there is the unmistakable and hilarious ground level peeent, peeent, peeent, followed by a melodic twirling in the sky as he ascends and descends in an impressive attempt to woo the ladies. Spring is here. We have had... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2021 at North Ridge Farm
Gosh, these are some inspiring and healthy boundaries, Anna. Thank you for sharing. xo
10pm!? Oh wow. That's quite late! As for the "nope", I think we've all had end of our rope moments this past year, don't be too hard on yourself. xo
What a big and exciting transition, Melissa. Best wishes.
Something is working for sure! You are such a gifted communicator, I am sure your facilitation in this department contributes greatly to such a harmonious dynamic.
Thank you, Melissa! Things are slowly taking shape here. :)
To get on my mailing list you can sign up through the link on my blog sidebar. Or I'll just add it here for you. ;)
I just chopped and froze. It worked great. I do wonder if a quick blanch would hinder the browning though. I don't mind it much as all of our frozen celery goes into soup and stews, but green is nicer than brown I suppose.
Sitting at my desk in the afternoon, next to a western facing window that I’ve opened to enjoy the 45º degree day, I notice a dark brown shrew, two stories below, scurrying across the snowy field. Back and forth, to and fro, round in circles, this way and that. Little... Continue reading
Posted Mar 17, 2021 at North Ridge Farm
Daylight strengthens and lengthens, slow and steady. Sitting at my desk in the early morning, I watch a fox scurry across the field, through the cedar swamp, and into the woods. It’s always a treat to catch a fox sighting. I was thankful for my tardiness in opening the chicken... Continue reading
Posted Feb 28, 2021 at North Ridge Farm
That is such a nice memory. Thank you for sharing! Enjoy these final weeks/months of rest before gardening season kicks in. :)
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Thanks, Debi. We love the Adirondack region of NY, haven't been hiking there in too many years.
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2021 on February Greetings at North Ridge Farm
Yes, boots.skis/poles. We have three places closely with groomed trails (another a little further away), and thousands of acres of free rein skiing in the woods right here at home. We're having a blast!
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Thank you for visiting, Melissa!
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One more month of deep winter, then the pace will pick up quickly. I am grateful to have the month ahead, to continue resting my bones and tending to indoor projects. Soon enough we’ll hit the ground running outside and I will do my very best to not get too... Continue reading
Posted Feb 1, 2021 at North Ridge Farm
There is a tradition here on the ridge that includes walking "the square" on New Years Eve. A two mile square-ish loop of dirt roads, containing three houses in total (two with year-round residents), that for some reason draws ridge-folk even beyond these few homes. A respectable walk with a... Continue reading
Posted Jan 15, 2021 at North Ridge Farm
I think I've been biting my tongue since March... toward both sides of the C argument. People are interesting critters.
I sent her your IG message and that is indeed where she was! Small world.
That sounds fun, Cheri! Enjoy your call with family.
Thinking of you, Judy. Another kind of perfect... that's is a great perspective. :)
She has already sent sunset beach photos and it is beautiful! There are palm trees in the front yard of her house... doesn't sound too unmanageable. ;)
I really feel for school aged kids. As luck would have it, our family is in kind of a sweet spot during all of this. Sure, my daughter did not have a college graduation, but she also did not miss her study abroad semester, or world travel with her debate team, or her in-person senatorial internship, or working for the student legal center, or teaching oral advocacy skills in a women's prison, etc. If she were in college now, none of that would be happening. I'd say at least 80% of her college experience was networking and connections outside of the classroom. For us, those things were the true college investment. She did online learning from spring break on for her senior year, and reported that for the most part she stopped learning anything new in March. Now she is in a strange spot of starting her career in the middle of a pandemic, but she's making it work. Such strange times! I guess the best we can do is to keep on encouraging them, and remind them that this too shall pass.
Thank you, Jen. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays to you!