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Thanks for your comments. I now need to sell this patents to let's say gm, ford, daihashu, Nissan or some other rich someone as I can sell it for only 10 millions or more. To date nobody have talked seriously with me to buy this patents. Let say that anyone company can buy it and use it as it is almost the same engine as actual engine. Just one more piston into the cylinder. Actually I do 48 mpg but it is easy to do more than 100 mpg, with a c.c.p engine. also I need to hear the medias talk about it as they are preoccupied by all these gasolines fumes.
I have some basic diagrams of a new cylinder ice. It is called c.c.p engine ( central compression piston engine) I can show these diagrams to people interested to try it and buy or use this new inventions. Basically the 4 stroke design become variable with less drag on compression and more power switched to the expansion cycle.
They can make a better ice by going 2 pistons per cylinder. One is connected to the crankshapt but there is a second one controlled by a camshapt helping to shift a part of the compression cycle to the expantion cycle. So basically 35 mpg to approx 80 mpg. An ice engine is powered by air and gasoline and a c.c.p engine too
Try to construct an extrifuge generator. extrifuge mean, grabbing more energy on deceleration than on the acceleration. I discovered this in march of 2018 but not a single person wanted to hear me explain it. so as here in greencarcongress, theoricaly everyone is supposed to be interested in earning a living by paying less for their car ride. So you accelerate a wheel bolted to an electrical generator, the wheel is loaded with weight distribution in the center of it. You accelerate this wheel to very high rpm with a push than at max rpm you switch the generator at 'on' and you transfert the weights at the exterior edge of the wheel. So the system consume less energy on acceleration than on the deceleration, you transfect the electricity in batteries and condensors while you operate the car. So lets make a prototype. a car wheel bolted to an electrical generator. the wheel have 3 one kilo weight at 120 degree apart near the center, there is 3 guiding tubes to push the 3 weight suddenly when the maximum rpm is reached. So it take less energy to push the system from zero r.p.m to 10 000 r.p.m than from the deceleration from 10 000 r.p.m to zero. You then grab energy while driving your car if it is fitted with this extrifuge generator. Im interrested to show you some drawing, if you are interrested. I also invented the c.c.p engine, to present a little later.
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Sep 26, 2019