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This decision seems to accept that parents/guardians can simply opt-out of what I always thought was MANDATORY education? How does this ruling interact with that law? If a child happens to be fully vaccinated can his parents simply opt-out? Do caretakers who chose not to vaccinate violate the mandatory attendance laws? Are annual flu shots on the NY list?
'How does anyone know if an infant or child “cannot be vaccinated due to medical conditions, including allergies, illness or a weakened immune system?”' Obviously, every newborn is carefully tested and evaluated before their first injection, after all, think of the disaster if "herd immunity" is not protecting all those infants from Hep B... you never know when they might find a dirty needle or start having unprotected sex, better get them on day one.
USA Today has a front-page article about the problem our military is having because 71% of 17-24-year-olds are unfit for military service. Still, no real concern. We are doomed.
Replace the phrase: "students in public elementary and secondary schools" with "all persons" and you have phase II. PHARMA owns us. Follow the money. Next, your Vaccination records will be required on your ID. No air travel for you... Walmart greeters will check your ID to see if it is safe to let you in.
Given the carte blanche our legal system has given to police, I would quite literally advise anyone who is not fully fluent in English to avoid this country altogether. Police have come to expect - demand actually - that their "commands" be instantaneously complied with. It is irrelevant that the person being "commanded" actually hear and understand the command. Failure to comply to the officers satisfaction, (and this is critical, you may think you ARE complying but it is the officer's sole discretion as to whether or not you are), is absolute grounds for summary execution, followed immediately by trial and conviction, oh yea, and a minimum two week paid vacation for the officer. This is a major danger to the rapidly exploding adult autistic population, (that has always been here ...).
So, do I have this right? 600 cases of a disease that lasts less than three weeks after which you have lifelong immunity, in a population of over 300 MILLION has killed no one in the U.S. in a decade, is a national emergency justifying emergency legislation and non-stop media coverage, yet a lifelong disability, that destroys the life of tens-of-thousands of children every year, and adversely affects hundreds of thousands more is just a strange anomaly with no known cause or treatment, and people who try to share "un-official" information in a desperate attempt to understand "what the he** is going on" are a menace to society who should be censored to protect people from "misinformation". If you crossed George Orwell and Louis Carrol you couldn’t make this madness up. I think Del Bigtree is correct about the real reason for the hysteria, it is not the loss of sales dollars for the few percent who use the exemption, it is in-fact to prepare the legal and political foundation for mandatory adult vaccinations. Orwell indeed. Follow the money.
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2019 on The Handling of Rabbi Handler at AGE OF AUTISM
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Jun 12, 2019