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Want to make people aware of another George Latimer accomplishment. If a vaccine for the coronavirus is available soon and Latimer declares a health emergency in Westchester becuse of the coronavirus, a bill that Latimer signed would give the Westchester Health Dept the power to mandate everyone who works in Westchester get vaccinated or you won't be allowed to work in Westchester. America at it's finest.
She says about your kids "and no one can touch them without consent". Obviously she's not talking about the impending law mandating the HPV vaccine for all children attending school. People, contact Steve Otis and tell him to vote no against the impending HPV mandate and repeal the vaccine mandate Steve Otis already voted for. These mandates violte the Nuremberg Code, informed consent, and are unconstitutional.
Steve Otis also voted for eliminating freedom of religion in personal vaccine decisions violating peoples civil liberties to practice their religion as they see fit. The First Amendment to the US Constitution. If you can violate the first amendment of our Constitution, your capable of any type of corruption.
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Oct 11, 2019