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Hunter Brody
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The Philadelphia Eagles are looking for another running back. Carlos Hyde is no longer available, Devonta Freeman turned down money from the Seahawks, and LeSean McCoy rumors are emerging. It's okay if the Birds don't get anyone and utilize some undrafted running backs. Also, I dive into Jalen Reagor's versatility and compare what he can bring to the table to.... Nelson Agholor! Tra Thomas recently broke down Andre Dillard's tape and it leaves me optimistic! Continue reading
Brodes & D.Rey break down the latest on the NBA returning and the possibility of a Philadelphia Sixers vs Boston Celtics first round match up! Also, they lay out 9 pills that would change the future of the Sixers, but they can only take one.. All that and more on... Continue reading
Gary Bettman spoke to the media about the NHL's Return to Play Plan and I am very impressed with their idea. It's not the most perfect concept in the world as it is a little gimmicky at times, but ultimately, I think it will work! It actually gives an advantage to the Philadelphia Flyers so hey, why complain? I also compare the NHL's idea to the disgusting proposal by the MLB owners. STOP BEATING AROUND THE BUSH!!! Continue reading
94.1 WIP is putting to rest a few debates this week and I believe it's a genius strategy for a time like this. In this podcast, I look at Sam Hinkie's tenure with the Philadelphia Sixers and voice my opinion on if I believe he did a great job or not. Spoiler alert, he did a FANTASTIC job. Acquiring superstar talent to get out of the 8th seed. Bravo Sam, that's EXACTLY what you did! Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid are pieces to build around for years to come. 50+ win seasons and consistent playoff runs. That's what the goal of the process was. It's not about "winning the championship or it's a failure." That's silly. It's about having a chance to win it. Continue reading
Doug Pederson spoke with the media via zoom and discussed a couple different topics. The biggest takeaway was showing confidence in Andre Dillard over Jason Peters. I'm still not completely buying that. Also, we will not see changes to the offense with our "naked eye." Huh?... interesting. I would hope so. Last year's offense SUCKED! All that and more! Continue reading
Brodes & D.Rey break down Brett Brown's press conference and what Larry Brown said about Joel Embiid. Ben Simmons was throwing up due to back pain? Can Joel Embiid become the next Michael Jordan? There is so much to dive into on this episode of Processed! Continue reading
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Feb 12, 2020