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I may have to consider a run for city council, in order to keep a bunch for Gen Z 'social justice warriors' from trying ruin what we have.
I just read in the SF Comicle that Berkeley is now discussing banning single family neighborhoods. Didn't Berkeley start the trend to ban natural gas, which are City Council decided they should also ban? Question to the City Council: Will you also try to ban Single Family Homes in Burlingame? After all, wouldn't that be the woke thing to do?
Do we think any of the proposed housing is going to be needed? How long will it take to fill all of the housing at Millbrae BART? Now that 50 - 65% of office workers can work from anywhere. Oculus buildings, what will happen with them?
Shipwreck Kelly's was located at the Amfac Hotel, later called the Airport Marina Hotel.
Danny Marona Shipwreck Kelly's
You must be at least 70+ years old? What inspired you to post to this topic? (Another old fart wants to know) LOL
"environmental groups and clean energy advocates" are the stupidest and neediest people on the planet. There I said it. Per President Biden's climate czar, John Kerry (another democrat), 90% of the world's pollution comes from OTHER COUNTRIES! If the United States of American were to go to zero emissions, it would NOT MATTER! Get a life!
BD, (a bit of topic, but interesting). The actor who portrayed Fredo was John Cazale. He appeared in five films over seven years, all of which were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture.
There is no such thing as affordable housing! It is subsidized housing. Let us at least call it what it is.
"...younger generations whose lives are being destroyed." Really? You're not exaggerating are you?
I am responding to the Daily Journal article from Mike Dunham: Mike Dunham is from Pittsfield, NY, where the average price of house in $170k. I want to sincerely thank you for coming to the City of Burlingame and constantly complaining about how our city is not the way you would like it to be. Dunham complains that we must pack and stack housing because, with multiple degrees, he and his wife cannot afford to live here. I would venture to say that the vast majority of people who have moved to Burlingame want to live in a suburb. If you do live here ask yourself "Would I still want to live here if the homes on either side were to me torn down would I want a fourplex on each side? Where would people park? Where would children go to school? I believe, if we want to continue to live in a suburb, we should ALL urge Mike to move to a more urban area, such as San Francisco or Oakland. Perhaps if he hears this from enough people he will leave us alone. After all, if Mike isn't happy how can we be happy?
Guido -
Things change as time goes by. I also have no horse in the race, but I am wondering what is being taught. Are reading, writing and arithmetic still being taught, along with English, history and other basics? Or does it seem as if children are being indoctrinated into becoming activists or advocates (two terms I despise). Okay, I am daring to say this, "Maybe it is time to abolish public education. This way parents can decide what their children need to learn, in order to be successful in life.
Windsor Town Council begrudgingly agreed Wednesday to a settlement that walks back the electric building code. Could this be a sign of sanity in California? I sure hope so.
Major whiner and complainer, Madeline Fres-nut, posted an article to the San Mateo Daily Journal on December 3, 2020. The San Mateo Daily Journal then posted my response, which in turn prompted a response from Mike Dumdum. I then sent in the following (which has yet to be published) I see my response to Madeline Fres-nut has upset Mr. Mike Dumdum. By the way Maddy is from of the city of Plattsburgh, NY, average house price of $190k. Mr. Dumdum is from Pittsfield, NY, where the average price of house in $170k. I want to sincerely thank the both of you for coming to the City of Burlingame and constantly complaining about how our city is not the way you would like it to be. Dumdum complains that "The sky is falling", maintains we need to have more people on bicycles and must pack and stack housing or else 'Our world will cease to exist'. (Alarmist much?) Then there is Maddy. She also wants more bike lanes and a change to our zoning laws, because Burlingame is a racist and segregated city. Didn't either of you think your hometowns were worth saving? Apparently not. So you both moved west, in order to whine and complain about our awful way of life here. The two of you alarmist malcontents NEED to move to where you will be happy! That apparently is not here. By the way, I moved here in 1981 and I have enjoyed living here for 40 years. I again would like to suggest both Fres-nut and Dumdum find a more urban area, where they will be happy.
Toggle Commented Jan 9, 2021 on Bye Bye Eucalyptus? at The Burlingame Voice
Holy Roller - Up until the last sentence you appeared normal. But you just can't help yourself, can you?
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2021 on A Bombing in B'game: 1974 at The Burlingame Voice
The so-called environmental activists and advocates (whiners and complainers) have to enact SOMETHING, because they believe the big myth that 'We must save the world." The problem is it is not a Burlingame, San Mateo County, State of California, or USA issue. It is a GLOBAL issue. The natural gas ban was a 'feel good about yourself moment' and resume enhancement for someone's future run for political office, that by the way, will cost money down the road. Thanks Greta.
Holy Roller - Those meds don't work unless you take them EVERYDAY!
Hey Growling Tiger - That is great news. Now if we could just get rid of Dumdum and Madeline.
Canepa is a major embarrassment. He is our local media (rhymes with bore). Canepa must have taken lessons from Allred. Please print out the petition online. Sign it. Get your friends to sign it. Send it in. I never agreed for this state to become a sanctuary state! People who should have been deported, but were not. They have gone on to kill people here, most recently in San Jose. We need to get rid of Newsom, your life may depend on it.
I vote for holyroller as the most 'special needs' poster on this site. (Because we are not allowed to use the 'R' word anymore.) I am hoping he/she/it is an only child. Ask me what I really think!
Hey Holyroller - I hope your premiums are paid up on your LTC policy.
Less than 9% of carbon emissions in the U.S. comes from direct use of natural gas in homes and buildings; U.S. emits about 15% of world carbon emissions; thus, converting all buildings to all-electric and assuming that all electricity is produced from clean sources, the reduction in worldwide carbon emissions would be less than 1.5%, which according to most computer-based forecasting models, would have no detectable effect on global climate.
Remember Otis, the town drunk? He would just take himself to jail and sleep it off.