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Spurina - The quote above SHOULD start as follows “Pro­gres­sive politicians have been around long enough ruining cities..."
Toggle Commented Jun 11, 2022 on Graffiti Rosetta Stone? at The Burlingame Voice
In the original article there is question about a $30,000.00 campaign contribution. I remember a $450,000.00 contribution from someone's mother, in a recent race.
Toggle Commented Jun 10, 2022 on Sheriff Election Funding at The Burlingame Voice
One large company used to use two letters to designate a city. San Mateo was SM, Foster City was FC, Belmont was RN. Guess what Burlingame was?
Down goes Chester!
On my ride down El Camino Real, Sunday afternoon, I noticed illegally placed campaign signs for almost all of the candidates, especially the AOC admiring Canepa.
Just now on Facebook I am looking at a picture of hundreds of non-running electric cars sitting in an open field in Paris. The caption reads: This is a used car dump near Paris, France with hundreds of electric cars. Please note, these are only used cars of the city of Paris and not personal vehicles. Everyone has the same problem .... the battery storage cells are dead and need to be replaced. Why not replace them, you ask yourself? Well, there are two reasons. One, battery storage cells cost almost twice what a new vehicle costs, and two, no landfill will allow you to dump batteries there. So, these green fairy electric cars are dumping toxins from the battery right into the ground. Still think we need to go green?
I believe it is ridiculous to think that we can change the climate, we need to adapt. Just like we cannot get everyone to love one another, we can hope to get people to tolerate one another.
After all of these years about the bitching and complaining about nuclear power, all of a sudden democrats are asking for Diablo Canyon to stay open? Who would have thunk it?
I second the recommendation to vote for Anne Marie Schubert. We need an attorney general who will go after criminals, not push for unreasonable housing quotas and the coddling of criminals. NO ON BONTA!
Off topic, but... The new Community Center will be having a ribbon cutting and facility tours on June 15th @ 3:30 p.m. I used to attend drop in ping on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays before the shutdown and building demolition. I opened the R.R.C. in my driveway, January 2021, two to three days a week to keep the 'action' going. I am looking forward to the preview next month!
To the best of our knowledge Corpus has not been discovered outside of a brothel.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2022 on Sheriff Election Funding at The Burlingame Voice
For those of us who appreciate common sense, we now only have one 'good' one left, instead of two.
DemocRATS just can't say no to the labor unions.
Gas prices in Maui are averaging $5.39 a gallon.
Again, I am talking about the lesser likely to do damage. None are ideal.
In the latest Burlingame Newsletter, I see our new Community Center has received an award, "Community Center Wins All-Electric Award!" I am curious as to what form of energy will power the recently installed back-up generator? Oh, you mean that doesn't count?
Toggle Commented Apr 21, 2022 on Rec Center: $58.3 Million at The Burlingame Voice
From reading the posting by Just Visiting, it appears only Beach has a modicum of common sense. Mullin and Canepa are typical free-spending socialists who have no problem spending taxpayers money anyway they can, in order to buy future votes with YOUR money.
1) The check is in the mail; 2) I am from the government and I am here to help; 3) ?
What are the three truisms in life? 1
Spurina - You are 100% correct!
The ADA was one of the worst pieces of legislation passed during the first Bush administration.
I haven't gotten up for anything this early in many years. There were about 30 to 40 people in attendance. Kevin spoke for about 15 minutes, then took questions from the group. Many attendees urged him to fight for the reopening of the Mickelson Pool at Mills Hospital. A couple of us raised the issue of SB9 & SB10. His response was that this would only affect 2% of current homeowners. Not once did he mention his upcoming campaign. Overall, I am glad I attended.
Don't forget. Mullin is supposed be having coffee with his constituents tomorrow morning at Leonardo's Deli in Millbrae, between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. It would be interesting to meet some of my neighbors, such as Joe, Holy/Hollyroller, resident, MGBA, Mom, Bruce, etc. Come on now, we are all curious!
In reading the above article, it appears that Mullin & Beach admire Speier, whereas Canepa admires AOC. That drops Canepa off the list of suitable candidates. That leaves Mullin and Beach left (as the top two contenders). Since Mullin betrayed the voter's by voting yes on SB9 and SB10, I will be voting for...
Of the three major candidates who is the least offensive? Mullin sold us out by voting yes on SB9 & SB10. Beach decided that new construction should be banned from using natural gas. Canepa is already annoyingly on camera any chance he gets. Who would cause the least amount of damage?