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Hannah Neeper
I am the Policy Research Analyst at ACTE.
Recent Activity
Equity in Dual/Concurrent Enrollment: The College in High School Alliance has released another policy snapshot exploring state approaches to ensuring quality for dual/concurrent enrollment in high school programs. In order for states to provide early college courses in high schools, the researchers suggest using existing structures for oversight and regulation... Continue reading
We hope you had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday! Though it was a short week here at ACTE, and the House and Senate were out of session for the holiday, we still have a couple of notes from DC last week: Updated CDC Guidance for Schools During COVID-19: The... Continue reading
Both the House and the Senate are back in session and are working toward a consensus on FY 21 appropriations bills, which they hope to complete during the lame duck session. The continuing resolution (CR) currently funding the government expires on December 11, so some action must be taken before... Continue reading
Last week was National Apprenticeship Week! All throughout the week, many organizations, schools and federal agencies celebrated apprenticeship programs with informational webinars or virtual events, some of which are highlighted below. Activity was relatively quiet on Capitol Hill as new Members of Congress arrived for orientation, but along with events... Continue reading
All eyes in Washington were on the election last week, as votes continued to be counted in the Presidential race and many congressional races. Now that more information is known, we’ll have complete coverage in other posts on the blog. Though the election consumed much of the airtime, here are... Continue reading
Tomorrow is election day! If you have not voted yet, read about why voting is important to ACTE’s Public Policy team on the CTE Policy Watch blog. In the lead up to the election, most official activity on Capitol Hill has slowed, but one extremely significant piece of business remained.... Continue reading
The second and final presidential debate took place on Thursday in Nashville, TN. Education played a minor role in the debate, with several mentions of reopening schools within the context of the coronavirus pandemic.. With the election right around the corner, make sure to keep up with ACTE’s Election Watch... Continue reading
Over 16% fewer first-year students are enrolling in postsecondary institutions compared to last year, according to new data from The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. Inside Higher Ed published a helpful complimentary analysis explaining the findings. The declines are not as prevalent in public and private non-profit four-year institutions as... Continue reading
Last week was the beginning of the Supreme Court nomination process for Amy Coney Barrett. Barrett testified in front of the Senate for four days, and the Senate Judiciary Committee set a vote for Thursday, October 22, to send the nomination of Barrett to the full Senate to fill the... Continue reading
Report on Community College Transfer Rates: The Public Policy Institute of California researched transfers from community colleges to four-year institutions to examine progress and barriers to success. Some of the key findings from the report are: there is a gap between those wishing to transfer to a postsecondary institution and... Continue reading
Adapting the Workforce for a Post-COVID-19 World: AEI recently issued a report on how to adapt the current workforce system to meet the growing demand for training by unemployed workers as a result of the pandemic. The researchers emphasize flexibility and worker support as the key pillars of change that... Continue reading
Last week was the first and only Vice Presidential debate between Sen. Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence in Salt Lake City, UT. The debate comes with only 24 more days until the presidential election, so ACTE has created a new blog series titled Election Watch 2020 where CTE... Continue reading
ExcelinEd and Burning Glass Technologies recently hosted a webinar to discuss their new report Credentials Matter Phase 2: A 2020 Update. This report examines whether the credentials being earned by high school and postsecondary students are aligned with employers’ demands. As this report was the second phase of a longer... Continue reading
The Catalyzing Career and Technical Education Competition has now been officially launched and the RFP has been released for the competition. As mentioned in an earlier post on our blog, the goal of the competition is to select CTE programs that are taking innovative approaches to help students successfully transition... Continue reading
The first presidential debate was held last week and it, along with the Supreme Court nomination took up a lot of the air time in the news coming from the Hill. In the midst of that, however, the Senate passed the continuing resolution to temporarily provide funding for FY 21,... Continue reading
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced last week that the House will plan to remain in session after October 2, the scheduled end of session, until there is a COVID-19 relief package. However, no new agreements have been reached, and it is unclear whether this will remain the case... Continue reading
Annndddd we’re back! Congress is back in session after the August recess and Labor Day holiday, which means the DC Digest is back from its brief hiatus. Activity on the Hill was primarily focused on a new COVID-19 relief package this week, which we have more details on below. Congress... Continue reading
Momentum Metrics for Postsecondary Success: The Education Strategy Group and Level Up Coalition released a report that introduces a framework of postsecondary transition metrics to help states and communities transition students to and through higher education. These metrics are known as Momentum Metrics, and help teachers and administrators identify individual... Continue reading
Both the House and Senate have returned briefly to DC to address issues related to the US postal service, so the DC Digest will make a quick return to ensure you are informed about all the news from the Hill, as well as provide updates on initiatives from the Department... Continue reading
The Department of Education has released a new national challenge, CTE Mission: CubeSat, to encourage high school students’ interest in STEM fields, and allow CTE students to build technical, creative and collaborative skills for careers in aerospace. This challenge calls for students to create CubeSat (cube satellite) prototypes, or satellites... Continue reading
Two new, CTE-related funding opportunities have recently been announced. The first funding opportunity is from Social Finance and Jobs for the Future (JFF), who have partnered to host a national Pay for Success Competition to expand CTE access to underserved and high-need youth. This program is available to Perkins-eligible CTE... Continue reading
Most members of both the Senate and the House have left town, although the chambers will continue to have pro-forma sessions and committee meetings throughout the August recess. Due to the slowing activity in DC because of the recess, DC Digest may be on hiatus for the next few weeks,... Continue reading
Data on the Impact of COVID on Postsecondary Institutions: A new resource from Watermark explores how postsecondary institutions can evaluate the impact of the COVID-19 crisis and discover what has changed and what will come next. In order to understand this, researchers sent out a survey to postsecondary professionals to... Continue reading
Congress struggled all week to try and agree on a COVID-19 stimulus package before the House was scheduled to start their August recess on Friday. They were unsuccessful, however, and both chambers will continue talks although it is unlikely that a consensus will be reached in the near future. Here... Continue reading
Both the Senate and House were back in session last week and have been working to finalize several bills before the scheduled August recess. The Senate revealed their coronavirus relief package proposal on Monday, while most of the movement in the House has been around appropriations. Below are a few... Continue reading