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Hannah Neeper
I am the Policy Research Analyst at ACTE.
Recent Activity
Annndddd we’re back! Congress is back in session after the August recess and Labor Day holiday, which means the DC Digest is back from its brief hiatus. Activity on the Hill was primarily focused on a new COVID-19 relief package this week, which we have more details on below. Congress... Continue reading
Momentum Metrics for Postsecondary Success: The Education Strategy Group and Level Up Coalition released a report that introduces a framework of postsecondary transition metrics to help states and communities transition students to and through higher education. These metrics are known as Momentum Metrics, and help teachers and administrators identify individual... Continue reading
Both the House and Senate have returned briefly to DC to address issues related to the US postal service, so the DC Digest will make a quick return to ensure you are informed about all the news from the Hill, as well as provide updates on initiatives from the Department... Continue reading
The Department of Education has released a new national challenge, CTE Mission: CubeSat, to encourage high school students’ interest in STEM fields, and allow CTE students to build technical, creative and collaborative skills for careers in aerospace. This challenge calls for students to create CubeSat (cube satellite) prototypes, or satellites... Continue reading
Two new, CTE-related funding opportunities have recently been announced. The first funding opportunity is from Social Finance and Jobs for the Future (JFF), who have partnered to host a national Pay for Success Competition to expand CTE access to underserved and high-need youth. This program is available to Perkins-eligible CTE... Continue reading
Most members of both the Senate and the House have left town, although the chambers will continue to have pro-forma sessions and committee meetings throughout the August recess. Due to the slowing activity in DC because of the recess, DC Digest may be on hiatus for the next few weeks,... Continue reading
Data on the Impact of COVID on Postsecondary Institutions: A new resource from Watermark explores how postsecondary institutions can evaluate the impact of the COVID-19 crisis and discover what has changed and what will come next. In order to understand this, researchers sent out a survey to postsecondary professionals to... Continue reading
Congress struggled all week to try and agree on a COVID-19 stimulus package before the House was scheduled to start their August recess on Friday. They were unsuccessful, however, and both chambers will continue talks although it is unlikely that a consensus will be reached in the near future. Here... Continue reading
Both the Senate and House were back in session last week and have been working to finalize several bills before the scheduled August recess. The Senate revealed their coronavirus relief package proposal on Monday, while most of the movement in the House has been around appropriations. Below are a few... Continue reading
The CTE Research Network has released preliminary findings of an evaluability assessment, or feasibility study, aimed at identifying existing CTE models with the potential for rigorous evaluation. The researchers identified four programs: Virtual Enterprises International (VEI), NAF Academies, Delaware Pathways and Franklin Technology Center in Joplin, Missouri. Each program has... Continue reading
Recent publications describe various CTE topics ranging from new data on postsecondary certificate and Associate degree programs to research on skills training leading to higher earnings. Data on Students Enrolled in Postsecondary Certificate or Associate Degree Programs: A new report from the National Center on Education Statistics (NCES) examines the... Continue reading
There wasn’t much movement on the Hill last week, but both Chambers will return on July 20. The main focus was on appropriations which we have more information about below. The House Committee on Appropriations passed all 12 appropriation bills out of committee and the full House will start consideration... Continue reading
The White House has released its long awaited ad campaign “Find Something New” as an effort to encourage people who are unemployed or unsatisfied in their current occupation to find a pathway to a new job or career. The campaign is a product of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board,... Continue reading
Data on Subbaccalearate Health Science Students: A new report from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) uses data from a 2015-16 national survey of undergraduates to examine the characteristics of students seeking subbaccalaureate credentials in health sciences. Health sciences is the most common occupational education program chosen by subbaccalueate... Continue reading
The House and the Senate were not in session this week, instead focusing on committee activity, but are expected to return to session on July 20. This week, the conversation around the delivery of instruction in schools and colleges in the fall took center stage at the federal level, with... Continue reading
Upskilling and reskilling for jobs are needs that existed before the coronavirus pandemic, but are now more critical than ever, according to the new report from Opportunity America, The Indispensable Institution: Reimagining Community College. The report suggests that because of these urgent needs, community colleges have an opportunity to become... Continue reading
Throughout the pandemic, Strada Education Network has been publishing weekly COVID-19 Work and Education Survey data from a nationally representative survey to understand the impact of COVID-19 on jobs, wages and education. The survey has had more than 11,000 responses between March 25 and June 11. Overall takeaways from the... Continue reading
2020 is an important year for the national Census. Every 10 years, the Census aims to collect demographic data on every person living in the United States. This census data is critical not only to help guide important legislative decisions, it is also extremely important to ensure that schools are... Continue reading
The Fourth of July shortened last week, however, with both the House and Senate in session, there was still some federal policy activity. The conversation around school campuses reopening for the fall continued to dominate education discussions between lawmakers and health officials with no clear answers. Here are notes on... Continue reading
There is widespread agreement that high school is too late to begin to expose learners to careers and the foundational skills needed to access and succeed in careers, but there remains a lack of consensus about what Career Technical Education (CTE) and career readiness should entail at the middle grades... Continue reading
It was a busy week in DC last week! While police reform bills have stalled, discussions continue on next steps. In addition, lawmakers continue to move slowly toward a new COVID-19 relief bill, and support for additional funding for education in the next relief package is gaining traction. Read more... Continue reading
This week, there was quite a bit of news on the federal education policy front with the Senate back in session. The House is scheduled to return on June 24, but committee meetings and pro forma sessions continue. Both chambers are working toward legislation related to police reform but have... Continue reading
Members of Congress, like much of the country, have spent significant time in the last few weeks discussing issues around racial inequity, with initial legislation introduced this week and more proposals under consideration. Common ground appears to be emerging between the two parties on several law enforcement reform issues. We... Continue reading
Recent publications on varying CTE topics range from attainment of postsecondary credentials or degrees, workforce occupational data, principals’ educational goals, models for high-quality pre-apprenticeship programs, and more! Increase in Undergraduate Degree Earners: The number of undergraduate credentials earned has increased to 3.7 million in 2018-19 from 3.4 million in 2012-13,... Continue reading
ACTE received an incredible amount of feedback--nearly 1,200 responses--from a recent survey about how CTE stakeholders are planning for the 2020-21 school year and where the greatest challenges lie. The survey asked two main questions: What combination of in-person and distance learning is your state/district/school/institution planning for when students return?... Continue reading