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Hal Carruthers
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When creating advanced or complex Inventor sketch profiles, it is sometimes helpful to change the display properties of the sketch geometry. Inventor provides some basic options for this … Center Lines, Construction Lines, Reference (Projected) Geometry, and Normal Geometry. Under most conditions these options are all you need, however when you build sketches that will be shared, or used as layout information in skeleton modeling, having visual clues to what the geometry represents can be helpful (think AutoCAD Layers). To access and set the properties of objects (lines, arcs, circles) in a sketch you have several options available to you.... Continue reading
Posted Apr 27, 2020 at IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog
One of the challenges we often face during the design and documentation process is getting our design team members to populate the iProperties required for Title blocks, Bill of Materials (BOM) and Vault. Out of the box Inventor provides workflows that allow us to populate iProperties by using the iProperty editor for individual files or through the BOM editor for multiple files. However, end users often forget to populate the iProperties or miss some of the required iProperties. A couple of common excuses we hear are “the workflow is to cumbersome” or “I don’t know which iProperties to populate”. One... Continue reading
Posted Mar 30, 2020 at IMAGINiT Manufacturing Solutions Blog
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Dec 3, 2019