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beautiful new england
writer/creative omnivore/passionate gardener
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What you said reminded me of something one of my life mentors used to say about the Navajo weavers setting their work aside to raise young children. When they returned they were weaving as if they hadn't stopped for the interim years. Seems so tailor-made for your specifically that I'm sure I've probably brought it up at some point (or two) over the years.
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April '07 - rattling the south-facing garden beds awake at our former home. eta: a very different Molly's word tincture: Molly Sheehan of Green Hope Farm Essences. Yesterday in the later afternoon I got a text from J. who was elsewhere in the house or yard. He said it was... Continue reading
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oh this annoys me so much! I supposedly have auto correct disabled! Understood a TIME sensitive need to shop.
necessity isn't just the mother of invention - it's also the grandmother of survival. I know this may be an extremely unpopular point of view but I'd worry about you far more if your family just left you there to get through it alone with the goats and Tay, talkie, etc. And then, inevitably, lack of juice for internet. I feel like IF the decision for you to be left in complete isolation from other humans has to happen coming along the road it will be SUCH necessity there won't be room for anything else. The direct opposite of five minutes to get everything loaded and be on your way Out - you can think later when there's time. ...
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Yes so nice. I feel a kinship for her transformation - she who pulled me back into something I could recognize. Mainly though it is the Hollyhock's image that pulls me this time. If I were able to visit in person I'd stand before it endlessly...
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Tomato names are pretty wonderful. They've grown well in the field in past years although birds can be a problem. Need to figure out how to make protective netting effective without inhibiting fruit formation and production. Am glad these particular posts were nourishing for you. This situation is pretty much demanding that we all know what's what internally - to conduct ourselves in line with our individual forms of master class level knowledge, action and free-hearted sharing. I learned that light triad's invaluable magic and power via blogging from the Clothmates combined but originally from just-jude before her wave crested.
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Liz- I still have about half a jar of the large size but I keep thinking of "Bea" advising all necessary materials be obtained before supply chain interruption starts to occur. Usually I'd get this stuff on or near my birthday during an in-person stock up sale. Then getting an email from Blick announcing all the stores were closing and directing everyone to the online site I understood a tune sensitive need to shop quickly for all the basics I might need for the rest of the year. By the time I had processed this enough to act on it they were sold out of all but clear uhu glue sticks. Left and right I was noticing stuff (thankfully not on my own list but still quite jarring) nearly every creative I know takes for granted as an on-hand supply out of stock. About four or five times as noticeable as during the winter holidays. creatives are hunkering down on a grand scale. When I get alarmed and frightened of the implications I also envision the unimaginable beauty that's already blooming and will be shared as collective treasure ...
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ETA: Some first rate writing from Molly Jong-Fast in Vouge Why I Am Not Leaving New York. word tincture is becoming THE currency rather than ancillary background to image as All. Back in the mid & late 90's I had several UK friends who were quite gifted astrologers. Each felt... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Nichobella
love the pool of sunlight in the green
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really love your window curtain. The PFC video via Nancy is one of my favorites but am still partial to The Weight.
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Those are snowball viburnum. I'll be able to set most of the seedlings out to harden off in mid-May but tomatoes, basil, stuff like that doesn't go in the ground until Memorial Day weekend at the end of May. This morning it was 26F and there was a thick layer of frost on the ground.
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Jaime thanks for that info. Lots and lots of oaks all along the stream bed so this makes sense. Sorry you had to find out I got your package through the mail alert. Tried to send you an email right away but I couldn't get into email program for almost four hours this afternoon. It freaked me out a little.
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Around noon Mama and I went out J's office door and took a little walk. She sat at the top of the slope down to the water and observed my ongoing process of being there on the center of the bridge. She used to feel like she had to be... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at Sparkling Lotus Ink
on the other hand ... if not now, when? maybe you're doing it because it's portable and emotive? Also because it has a form that changes as it comes to stronger life. And because you had what you needed to express so much that moves beyond words - also the things you had to work with took a new form. Options can get in the way of ingenuity - not always but sometimes? I had the suckiest day there has been for quite some time but I came here and saw her propped on the thread cone - contemplating the herb mix seed packet. I recalled who I was. such a nice way to move closer to sleep and hoping to rest deeply ...
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do you have a clear glass bowl? You might consider making a flower essence/elixir from some of the blooms with a few small pebbles of Place.
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we - wait for it - collaged weird little figures doing things we'd particularly enjoyed all along the inner doorframe of the bedroom.
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I'm still having trouble making friends with my radically altered attention span. As in: I don't know what in the hell I'm supposed to do/accomplish without one. And since that symbiosis has always been one of my defining characteristics I'm forcing myself to think farther out of the box. To... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at Nichobella
love the straw in Emrie's hair. That's a girl after my own heart ...
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I'm down to news updates once a day just after checking the day's final numbers for states/countries of loved ones. Set my phone timer for half an hour and spend it scrolling through a couple twitter feeds for political/feminist journalists I trust. spend a half hour after that lying flat on the floor thinking nothing at all while Mama purrs beside me. Get up only to climb the stairs and go to sleep. Keep this sort of thing in a box until the next night. Otherwise I'm jacked up and rage-spiked beyond what's sustainable in a long haul sense. During the day I just test the edges of what New Normal could be. Ate a bad apple yesterday. Today was all about the repercussions of that. Cause and Effect takes on significance when there's considerably less noise/distraction.
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Liz - that's a wonderful poem to highlight and love your internalized reading of it. 'like a rattle'. wrote about a rattle in today's post so I heard those particular snaps and how they congregated as confirmation of the generation topic. Sometimes the way the poet/ess reads changes the whole poem for me. I always read Plath's Lady Lazarus as one long exhale of a roar. But her voice reading the words is a steady motionless cobra just daring a listener to give it a reason to strike. brrrrrrrrr.
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The otherwise unexplained fourth wooden item of this post is the rolling pin directly above these words. It's from Pearl's kitchen in the house I was raised. Am not a baker, never will be, and so I use this talisman of my crafty roots as a brayer kinda thing for... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at Sparkling Lotus Ink
"The feeling in the pit of my stomach eased. Done." on many days we can ask for no more than this. Embrace with gratitude almost like a lover when it's this way...
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words are fickle that way.
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not really. But there's one idea that won't ever really rest and I figured out just a few weeks back that I've been trying to tell it from the wrong POV all these years. Seems inevitable one of these days I'll start writing something more substantive than snappy chapter titles. Kinda why I'm coming so unglued about lack of alone time but I didn't put that together until right this second so thanks for asking!
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This post right here encapsulates everything I love most fiercely and dearly about you.
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