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Jimb. There is no way that one murder can be a 250% increase. If there were even one murder the first week, to get get a 250% increase, you would need 3.5? murders the second week. In fact, to even be able to make that claim credibly, you would have to have a minimum of 2 murders the first week and 7 murders the increased week. Since I live in LA County, I have been trying to pull apart the statistics that the LAPD is using, but all I see is a report of the tweet, not the numbers behind it. Also, I think the one murder refers simply to the number of crimes reported in the previous 24 hour period (Monday, June 8, 2020). Will see if I can dive a little deeper.
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MUH CIVILITY! (Note to self: Stop channeling GUS)
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RSE, I think this is related to your article about "at-risk" kids. "San Francisco changes term 'convicted felons' to more politically correct 'elected officials' "
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Coming late to the party, but I find that TomR adds little or nothing to the discourse here. It is distracting to have so much TomR flak, but on the other hand, left to his own devices, he tends to expand his nonsense to fill the empty space.
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Someone should do a cover of the Beatles "Can't Buy Me Votes" for Midget Mike…
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What do you call a reasonable, open-minded, patriotic Trump supporter? A Bernie Bro.
What piece of shit pseudo intellectual denigrates a man because of his occupation? Oooh! Oooh! I know this one! TomR. Oh, wait, that was a rhetorical question, wasn't it? Shit.
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MM and Narciso, I believe that in the mid-2000s, the US Army went to (yet another) new camouflage pattern for their uniforms. Now, when this happens, it takes some time to get things squared away as far as patches. I know there was a period where everyone had been issued the uniforms, but no one was wearing any patches on them because things like the color of the background tape on the name tags and such had not been settled on yet. It is possible that this picture was taken during that transition period, when no one had been authorized to put any patches, even unit patches, on their uniforms.
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I don't know if this has been posted here, but Ace points us to an absolutely devastating twitter thread where Calvin Freiburger absolutely destroys David French, calling him out as the condescending hypocritical ass he is. Here is the entire thread with all the twitter crap stripped out. I recommend you take a look at it.
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Have I mentioned that TomR is tendentious? Horse, deceased, for striking, one each.
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KK, do you have a link to those on Amazon?
Everybody keeps talking about "next year's SOTU," and, being the pedantic putz that I am, I just have to remind everyone -- next SOTU is 2022. After an election year, we have an inaugural address, either Trump's Second Inaugural Address, or some Disaster's First Inaugural Address. But, in either case, the venue is completely different, and San Fran Nan will have nothing to do with it, whether she is Speaker of the House or not.
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Good grief. I read that comment over twice, and it still turned out incoherent. TL;DR version. Internet platforms come in two kinds, a) providers, which exercise no control over content and are protected by safe harbor, and b) publishers, which do exercise editorial control and are not protected. The big players like to pretend they are a) and covered by safe harbor, when they actually act like b), so shouldn't be. And that is why they can't just do whatever they want, it has serious legal implications for them.
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The issue with Facebook banning posters is not that they are a private platform and can therefore do what they want. The problem is that they are playing games with the law. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) contains special "safe harbor" provisions that insulate internet providers from being responsible for content that their users post. These provisions hinge on the host being a "provider," which means that they don't exercise any control over what people post on their platforms. Now, there is another category of platform, which is known as a "publisher." A publisher is someone who exercises control over the content posted on their platform, and, unlike a "provider," they can be held liable for content posted on their sites. Now comes the hat trick. Platforms like Twitter, Google, Facebook, and others what to be protected by the safe harbor provision, and to get that, they claim they are "providers," or in other words, completely impartial platforms that don't exercise editorial control over the messages posted by their users. However, in actual practice, they function as "posters," because they exert fairly draconian control over what they allow to be posted. This is why anyone who tells you that "Oh, they can do what they want, they are private companies" is either misinformed or a liar. At this point, the argument has been hashed out so many times, that my first impulse is to brand them a liar and assume that they are arguing in bad faith. They cannot do what they want and still benefit from the safe harbor provisions of telecom law. They want to be able to do what they want, but the law doesn't allow them. I keep hoping that someone, somewhere, can get one of the telecom services hammered on this dichotomy. It would be glorious, because it would open them up to thousands, if not millions of lawsuits for censoring their users.
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MM, Yeah, but I already did that for you. :-)
Robin, how could you cut off the last line of that story? It was classic. "Well tell him to stop bothering me."
The Horde is discussing missing posters from bygone eras. I miss Miss Marple. Posted by: Mike Hammer, etc., etc. at January 28, 2020 09:33 PM (plu6+)
Ignatz, Several million asymmetrical Americans, many trained by one of the best militaries in the world Actually, it also includes most of the people who wrote the MANUALS to train these people. They probably know the subjects better than the current practitioners. So, yeah, it won't be pretty.
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Actually, I am not sure that impeachment does disqualify one from running for the Presidency. I am not sure, but I believe that the Presidency is not an office, but an elected position. This had some bearing on the business with the emoluments clause of the Constitution, I am fairly certain. After all, the Constitution lays out the qualifications to run for president, and it doesn't say "must not be impeached," which I think they would have included at that point just to emphasize it.
Toggle Commented Jan 15, 2020 on Those Sexist Democrats at JustOneMinute
Theo, that is an excellent point. I guess I should have included the caveat that anyone who is on the fence about Trump is probably, by this time, at least a little suspicious of the way the MFM reports on him. So, I don't really see Bolton being a needle mover for these people, either. After all, the longer the Dems have been blathering about impeachment, the lower its support drops. I guess what I am saying is that given the "IMPEACH ORANGEMANBAD!" drumbeat that has been going on for the last six months, I don't really think that there are very many people who are still open-minded. Certainly the Democrats have done their best to reach out to everyone in the world to persuade them how bad Trump is. And, if there ARE people who haven't made up their minds one way or the other, they have to be the lowest information voters of all low-information voters. For someone like that, "Bolton" is going to convey about as much information as "Dien Bien Phu," so, once again, not going to move the needle. In my opinion, of course. Oh, wait, isn't this where I have to take the obligatory swipe at one of the other commenters? It is, isn't it. Well, I think that OL/CH/TK/TomR/MM/KK/GUS (pick one) is a swine.
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Theo, I am profoundly disinterested in any accusations leveled by the Democrats/MSM (but I repeat myself). The airwaves are 24/7/365 ORANGEMANBAD! and honestly, I can't really believe that any accusations of coverup because Bolton is not testifying is going to have any traction among all the OTHER accusations. The fact is that the anti-Trump people seize on any pretext to bash Trump, and his supporters at this point basically tune out all the noise. The point is that if it isn't Bolton, it will be something else, and if it IS Bolton, it will be just another club. So, I don't see any point in worrying about it one way or another. Just claim executive privilege, and coverup be damned.
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Rocco, Don't engage the troll. MM, Post whatever the hell you want. You are too worried about other people's opinions. You should ignore other people (except me, of course. Me, you should listen to :-) and do as you feel. Your contributions here are widely recognized and appreciated.
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Haven't seen this posted yet, Kurt Schlicter's latest. This has been a really difficult time for Ben Rhodes, John Kerry, and the rest of the geniuses who zombie Neville Chamberlain recently hailed as “a flock of insufferable sissies crowded around the behind of America’s enemy, shamelessly smooching their dignity away.” Zapping Qassam Soleimani ruined an Iranian offensive that had started with such promise. When the dirtbag catspaws of the dirtbag Iranian mullahs surrounded the American embassy in Baghdad, American liberals were more excited than the old Weekly Standard’s staff would have been upon discovering that it was sharing one of its cruises with a pool boy and sexy gardener convention. Libs and their Fredocon submissives were practically salivating at the thought of fellow Americans being murdered by scuzzy foreigners and the opportunity such a tragedy would present for blaming Donald Trump. This was Trump’s Benghazi test, they chortled on social media. Yeah, except Trump passed his test. The Iranians had been getting uppity for a while, but then their punks killed an American contractor in a rocket attack on a U.S. base – and let’s not get distracted about whether we should still be there. They killed an American. We are there, and you don’t get a pass on murdering U.S. citizens because we may or may not have a good reason for them still being there. You get dead. See, for too long we were asking the wrong question when tinpot dictators dared hurt Americans. We asked, “What would a gender-fluid Oppression Studies major at Yale do?” As I have observed before, the correct question is “WWJC do?” – “What would Julius Caesar do?” Trump ordered hard hits at five Shiite militia weapon sites, and not with any warnings either. They got one of ours, we got about two dozen of theirs. Like the old joke about 1,000 lawyers at the bottom of the sea, that’s a good start. The Iranians, whose Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is the ultimate source of most of the Shiite terror in the world, decided to respond in what they thought was a clever way: send a few thousand of their camo-clad dummies to attack the embassy and hope and pray a bunch of them got mowed down on camera. In the meantime, wave a lot of banners, burn some stuff, and pound on the reinforced glass for the press’s benefit. But apparently, no one told the “mourners,” as the austere scholars at the endlessly useless New York Times dubbed the members of Islamic Antifa, that they were supposed to get smoked. They went home with the embassy unseized. Getting martyred en masse is not that much fun when you’re just one sucker out of dozens – heck, they may run of virgins. See, Trump made it clear he was not playing. There would be no Benghazi II: Bagdad Boogaloo on his watch, and he acted well before 13 hours ran on the clock. Rejecting the elite’s preferred model of craven submission to every Third World cretin with a grievance and a camera, the Trump administration flew some Apache gunships over the crowd of unwashed morons, kicking off some flares, and generally sending the unequivocal message that if those SOBs had a problem, the AH-64s had a 30mm solution. And then the administration sent in 100 Marines, about a company, on Ospreys as a quick reaction force and alerted the ready brigade at Ft. Bragg to start shutting 82nd Airborne Division paratroopers into theater. Whatever the opposite of “stand down” is, Trump ordered that. But there was more. He dusted Soleimani, who thought he could just cruise through Baghdad to conspire with his militia pals to kill more Americans. This guy had already maimed or murdered hundreds of our soldiers. But he thought he was safe. He thought Donald Trump was another punk like Barack Obama. Like Hellfire he is. No one wants a bigger war with Iran – well, Bill Kristol and Max Boot probably do, but no one who matters does. The fact is that we have been at war with Iran since 1979. It’s just now we’re shooting back. When a foreigner kills an American, somebody needs to die. And somebody did. The Iranians did not expect it. And this rocket-powered justice from above will focus their minds wonderfully. Again, whether we should still be in Syria, Afghanistan and/or Iraq is a different question than whether we should turn a terrorist into goo – and one I’ve been clear on as far as my perspective. If you dare kill an American, you need to become a technicolor smear across a few dozen square meters of desert. This could escalate, sure. Maybe a show of force will be met by force in response. But if we roll over like gimps, our weakness will absolutely draw force in response. And we are never going to get every single American out of the Middle East. We’ll always have embassies, business contacts, U.S. citizens with family and Americans who just damn well feel like going there who can be targeted. You don’t get to hurt Americans. Ever If you do, bad things will happen. Welcome to the Trump Doctrine. We don’t want an escalation and we should show restraint where we can – but killing Americans must be a red line, a real one, not an Obama one. If this does escalate into a major confrontation, we need to keep some principles in mind. We need to do more than “send messages." Pain should be our message. Any strike should have a tactical (if not strategic effect). Hitting the arms caches means they have fewer arms, and they got the message. And we focus on destroying what the decisionmakers in Tehran care about: sink some capital ships, vaporize a bunch of aircraft, flatten a refinery. It’s even better when it can support the Persian patriots in Iran who want to hang their oppressors from the lamp posts. “Proportionality” is a sucker’s game. Our goal should be pain. Screw with America and we hurt you, mullahs. Personally. Not just the idiots who do your dirty work. You and your toys. Oh, and we should be aiding the resistance inside Iran, because someday – 40 years after that fool Jimmy Carter allowed the country to descend into theocratic tyranny – the people of that nation will take back their freedom. In the meantime, we need to reemphasize that the days of messing with Americans with impunity are over. So, spare a thought for Ben Rhodes, John Kerry, and the rest of the liberal saps during this difficult time. And that thought should be, “You suck.” Liberals seem to hate this country so much because it is full of Americans. And my newest novel Collapse (along with other entries in the series, People's Republic, Indian Country and Wildfire) look at what would happen if the left got its wish and got rid of the Americans who work, pray, like freedom and know which bathroom to use. Dorky Never Trumps call them “appalling” because the books aren’t lame – you know, like Never Trumpers are. Check them out!
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MM, Let me say, as a completely inconsequential voice, but one data point, that I want you to change nothing you do. I love your input to this blog, and have since I first began reading, more than 15 years ago. I find your posting of the President's tweets enormously helpful, since I mostly dislike having to click away from a thread once I begin reading it.
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