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MM One Congressman can demand a recorded vote?
OL I agree with you that the virus may have been around for awhile. My wife went to NYC for a conference in mid-Feb. two weeks later she complained of a low fever and felt awful for two days or so. Now we are realizing she may have had the virus
Does anyone know why Trump's approval on RCP is the highest it has been since Jan 2017, yet the latest head-to-head polls against Biden have him losing by 3 to 8 points?
Both my 26-yo nurse daughter and 23-yo premed daughter were over for dinner last night. Today, the nurse is told her ward will be COVID only, she will wear full protective gear all the time. The younger daughter found out a doctor where she works tested positive, so she moved out of our house to a Airbnb for the week until she is tested. I now have no daughters who can come to dinner. it's getting pretty isolated.
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Tom R has breakdown by country, as well as daily change by country. US page has breakdown by state.
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MM tonic water does contain quinine, but who knows what a medical dose would be? Don't be stingy. have another. also the sugar is added to offset the bitter taste of quinine. so diet tonic is just as good
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My daughter told me that Trader Joe's was going to open at 7AM for "seniors" and then at 8AM for everyone else. My wife insisted that I get there at 6:45 and look for hard-to-find items. When I arrive, the sign on the door says they are opening at 9AM. So I asked a clerk who was going in about the earlier opening for seniors. He told me that the early opening would be at 8:30. So, now only a half-hour benefit for us endangered elderly. When I came back at 8:20, there was a line. But the store didn't open at 8:30. When asked about it, a clerk says "we're not doing that." Huh? So I waited in line for 40 minutes and slogged in with everybody else. I still like TJs, but they could have been a little more proactive about what the hell is going on.
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Zerohedge made a pretty basic mistake. he analogizes from the household to the nation. Wrong. The debt of the U.S. in Treasury securities is held by individuals and institutions, and to them, it comprises assets. As a nation, we owe the "national debt" to ourselves. But equities are assets, so a decline in stocks is a reduction of wealth, but it doesn't make us insolvent if the value of equities is less than the national debt.
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Iggy thank you for the concours pictures. Are you going to the Pebble Beach concours this August?
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Such good news that Bernie is staying in. Why wouldn't he? This is his last chapter, and the DNC has zero leverage over him. What could they offer or threaten? Up to this point, I would rather stick a sharp needle in my eye than watch a Democrat debate, but I think I am going to watch the Phoenix debate this weekend. Biden will have to answer questions for, what is it, two hours?
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my understanding is that you don't want to take zinc every day, because that is not good long term. so you wait for the first symptoms of a cold, then go for it
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thanks anonamom
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anonamom Is it a good idea to start taking zinc tablets when symptoms start?
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Clarice traffic in L.A. this morning was normal. Most people seem to be going to work, although I was told of a young friend who works at a bank downtown who was told to work from home because of the virus.
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I have a niece who has lived in Milan for the last 30 years. She reports on the situation there: "Hello, it’s pretty bad. I can go out if I need to, and I went to pick something up today and get my bike fixed. The streets are absolutely empty, like Christmas Day. We are supposed to stand far apart and not gather in groups. We can travel around by car from city to city, but if we do that, we have to sign a document stating why we are travelling, and if the reason is not an emergency risk getting fined $250 or three months in jail! I’m going to forgo public transport and use the bike from now on. Thanks so much for thinking of me! We are all fine. Love to you too!"
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Coronavirus phobia is ramping up daily here in SoCal. My nurse daughter just texted that a patient at her hospital has the virus, and they are also out of masks. I'm looking every day at the website that has daily data by country for the virus. In China, deaths so far are 3013 out of 80,422 cases. for a fatality rate of 3.7%. Yikes. But the number two country, South Korea, has had the virus almost as long as China, and out of 6,088 cases, their fatality rate is only 0.5%. So it's hard to know how much to worry. I was at a social function last night with a few hundred people, and most but not all avoided the handshake.
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regarding what happens to the delegates won by Pete and Pocahontas etc.: the explainer linked by Instapundit this morning says that since the campaigns were suspended, not ended, the delegates stay pledged to the candidates for now. but at the state (not national) party conventions, if the campaigns are still suspended, the delegates they won can vote for whomever they wish. Hope I got that right
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Prayers for your wife, CH
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And happy birthday, Jane.
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Here in Kalifornia, i met with my men's group (about 10) this morning. Very liberal, but that's a long story. Over the last few months they have supported Pete, Klobuchar, Pocahontas and others but not Biden or Bernie. To a man, they all switched to Biden after SC. Except for one who turned in his ballot for Pete two hours before Pete dropped out. He would have chosen Biden too. so I am expecting that Biden will do better than even the latest polls have shown.
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I thought that while Congress can pass an entitlement program to give stuff to people, the issue is whether Congress can force people to buy something. Since Roberts said Obamacare mandate is a tax, it is not requiring the purchase of anything.
DrJ I looked it up. The 1976 recording of Messiah by ASMF that I have used Handel's original score, not original instruments. Didn't use a mass choir.
DrJ Thanks for the information about ASMF. Back when I was buying classical recordings, I always preferred that group because the individual instruments could be heard more clearly. Also, didn't they do recordings like the Messiah with original instruments?
Old Lurker I fear you are right that any government loan program would become corrupt. My son works for a small startup and gets his own insurance. He was smart and got a low cost catastrophic policy. Nevertheless, when he had significant medical costs from surgery it still ran up to an amount he didn't have. However, the hospital was happy to have him pay off his debt at $100 per month. This worked out fine for him. This is where I got the idea that people should be required to pay their own medical costs, but if that cost was huge, they should get a way to pay it off slowly. Maybe hospitals would do that for everyone; I don't think unsecured personal loans would be an affordable way.
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OL I think there will be people who incur large medical debt. I would rather that the government arrange to set them up with a loan rather than to pay it. That way people will still expect to be responsible for their debts.
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