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Len: I have always wanted to knock on the door of a "No home for hate" house, tell them I voted for Trump, and ask them what their level of hate is now? See, you don't get it. If you voted for Trump, that IS HATE right there. So they would have no compunction about throwing you out.
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Ig at 1:57: wow, that was fantastic. To be saved and re-read many times. And also it's what I was thinking as I listened to Leigh Dundas on Youtube and getting excited about the latest 4D promises.
Jane, the plan is to deliver all this evidence of fraud to the R legislatures of Penn, GA, MI and WI and they will wrap their garbage in it
Jim-Sunnyvale: My 40YO son is a big Bitcoin investor. He has made and lost several fortunes there. He is very big on the future of Bitcoin, but I am skeptical. It doesn't make sense as a currency, because it has to fluctuate with the dollar, so what's the point, and the prices of items you buy are like 0.002 Bitcoin. It is just an investment ploy. And, of course, the tax avoidance reason for owning it is a major factor. My son used to get part of his salary in Bitcoin, but I think he was avoiding taxes, and now he is making monthly payments to the IRS. the tax angle is being attacked and will get harder to take advantage of. Just my opinion, maybe it is the wave of the future, but as an economist I can't figure out why that would be.
Sorry for the dumb question, but I have been avoiding the news lately. Is there any actual evidence that the cyber intrusions that everyone is so freaked about are coming from the Russian government, because Dave's link doesn't mention Russia and says it is a big mystery.
Speaking of Christmas music, on Spotify I like to listen to "Christmas Peaceful Piano." It's quiet, so you can either ignore it or sing along. Very nicely done.
YL, I think the cases cited by the defendants are pretty weak. A referendum is a type of legislating and is very different from a governor changing the law. And the example of a governor vetoing legislation is not on point either. I scanned the brief very quickly and i didn't see any strong arguments, mainly a lot of crap like letting the people vote (dead ones too?) but IANAL.
lyle, I agree. And what worries me is that even if SCOTUS throws the election into the House, will all 26 R-led delegations stand behind Trump?
The most blatant part of this fraud from my POV is not allowing observers. If a bunch of Dems say they are counting votes and their candidate won, why even bother calling it an election? I was a poll watcher in a River ward in Chicago under Richard J Daley. And i was allowed to watch the whole process. They even turned to me from time to time and said, see, everything is by the book.
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Maybe SCOTUS wants to use the Texas case to throw the election to the House. Then history will not say that the court decided the outcome.
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I like the announcement that there has been an ongoing investigation of Dominion, and that the info from it was given to Sydney. Keeping hope alive.
Is there any confirmation of the servers being seized? I can't tell if anyone has good info on that. The media's denials are pretty total.
The corruption in Mass was so entertaining. I don't feel that way about California. Been grinding my teeth a lot
ccgirl: I lived in Massachusetts. I knew people in mansions that had tax valuations from 1898 or something. I had a relatively new house, so my property tax was over 5% of what I paid for the house. I left before prop 2 1/2 passed.
You guys in Taxachusetts have it really rough. Here in LA County the sales tax is 10.5%.
The LA Health director's dictats probably do not carry the force of law, but if a business owner keeps the business open, and someone claims to have caught the virus there, the personal injury lawyers in California will skin you alive over a turning spit. Just love this place
LA County's $465,000-per-year health director has dictated that starting tomorrow we cannot have even outdoor dining at restaurants and bars. Also, we seem to have hit the arbitrary threshold for a complete lockdown, so tomorrow the LA County Supervisors will decide whether we can leave our homes for anything other than life-maintaining food supplies. I am going to try to get myself arrested.
Are they like the pols here in Mass, who simply ignore passed referendums? --ccgirl California pols steal all the money that voters are promised will go to roads or water projects. But as far as referendums, most have been hard to overturn. Except for marriage. Judges determined that we could not define marriage in the state constitution.
Re: California Dems want mail-in ballots forever. This is a classic case of the elites versus the people. similar to Prop 16, affirmative action, that was just smacked down decisively by the voters. I think mail-in ballots will go to a referendum to eliminate them, and voters will pass it.
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I'm sure Sidney Powell would be happy to go on Tucker's show if he had any audience to hear her message.
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2020 on Affidavit From The North Country at JustOneMinute
since the media is keeping a tight lid on news of election fraud, how is it that more than half of Americans in the survey believe that the election was stolen? I am so puzzled about where people are getting their information these days.
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A long-ago friend of mine said that when he was young he worried that there was a fixed number of every word in his head that he could use. He worried whenever he spoke that he might run out of some words some day
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Jim Sunnyvale, thanks for the info on Capital Review. I signed up. Do you get anything for that? CCGirl, I'm with you.
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hilarious, Dave
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