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I agree to Renault people need to be informed of the things we are eating everyday because our health is important and if we really care about it, we must know what we are putting inside our body. Scientists are making so much money by altering the food and if we are paying for it, we have the to know what we are eating. Although it is possible that people will not understand about additives, they still need to be informed because many times the food is been there for a while and those additives make it look fres but to me, it is better to know about it before I consume it because I like to know more about food safety and if tit is fresh or not. Eating healthy food is very important to improve people's life, therefore I totally agree to Renault's idea about clear communication to society about the things we are eating. As people get sick for eating processed food, the government is making money from medication. Many people do not eat healthy because it is expensive, so I believe that society must avoid any food that has been processed or do not have enough information on how it looks fresh when it has been at the freezer for a while because if they are hiding things there is information that may affect society and certainly nothing good will come after eating that. The reason why those products are listed in confusing words may be a key to wonder what they are and what they are hiding from society. People are consuming artificial food that has been processed to look nice like chicken have earing chemicals that make them grow and look delicious in the eyes of the consumer, but that meat is unhealthy, and will bring consequences to the people. People need to be aware of what they eat to improve their life protecting their health.
Honestly, I do not agree with Perkins, I believe that even a person whom has full time job is not able to have a decent life style because everything is so expensive now a days. Also, there are families that cannot afford even when both parents are working. Many people are struggling trying to have a decent life and it is hard. On the other hand, I believe that people do deserve a raise based on experience, because there are some educated people that just by saying that they have a certificate they deserve to have more opportunities and get paid better, however they work poorly so I do not see a problem in paying over minimum wage to those that do not have a certificate but have more discipline in their jobs. In the case of fast food workers I believe that they should be paid based on skills and experience because they deserve it. Furthermore, I understand that some people cannot afford school and they still have to pay bills and survive working hard to afford, and they should not be excluded from getting a decent payment because they are not slaves but have no options to improve their life style, therefore I believe that business owners should value them and people must respect that for the service they are obtain, because it is not easy to server people whom are rude and prepotent. If a company is doing well, it does not mean that everybody has a certificante with a title because it does not always determines a person, there are many other facts that determines who you are based on values and the effort you put to help the company increase. We are all part of this economy, we all pay taxes and bills therefore, getting paid over minimum wage should be an opportunity for anyone whom deserve it.
The influencer marketing has been growing over the years and many people in beneficiating from it. I agree with Martinau's argument about how people need to pay more attention to the products they are buying because there has been so much marketing that people need to make sure they actually work. I have seen influencers everywhere and it is incredible how many people want to become one of them because they are making so much money from it. It is amazing what is behind the adds we see on social media and knowing how people benefit from is really shocking. Sometimes when I look for a product on amazon, I find adds about that same product on Instagram. The connection between diverse web pages make people remember the things we should buy and we keep see them over and over again until they convince us to obtain them. I do not like this because it gets so annoying everywhere I go I see something related to that particular product. Essentially, it would be nice if influencers could be real and talk about what they think about a product based on their experience by using it, however I understand that they are getting pay to promote something, therefore they must agree with it whether they like it or not which is not really their fault but it is part of their job, but we as the customers are responsible to research the things we are buying because we are going to pay for it. Influencers grab our attention but it is our decision and people is not forced to buy things or to believe what other say. Part of critical thinking is to find answers and evidence before making a conclusion based on what others say. On the other hand, the life influencers have is like a job to them and they have become an important part of the economy because they are able to get people's attention and the more views they get the better they get paid, therefore they need to have a nice personality to gain people and I respect the way how they get admiration and respect form society
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Dec 8, 2019