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In the first reading it was mentioned that it is the norm for interest rates to be higher than the economy's growth rate but there was a short period in the 1980s when that was not the case. Why was that the case and what would the effects be if it had lasted for longer? In the second article, there were some very thoughtful points made to reason why the black population is dying at a higher rate from COVID. I've spent my time at my mothers house in rural Crozet, Virginia since we've been sent home. Yesterday, I drove to my dads house, which is in the city of Richmond. I drive by homeless people or just people who like to hangout at bus stops etc on the way to his house. Usually mainly black people with some white people doing the same. Yesterday, it was a STRONG majority of black people in that crowd. This shows that they don't have the resources to stay safe and the article highlighted that it's society's fault. The article mentioned "At the same time, policies like state-subsidized education, low-interest home loans and the interstate highway system helped turn a working class of ethnic Europeans into a middle class of whites." Why did this help ethnic Europeans not African-Americans?
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I am confused on the nature of the 2 trillion dollar stimulus package. I saw that adults that qualify get $1200 to stimulate the economy. We made the decision to invest in ourselves and spend money on our education instead of going right out into the workforce. The people that chose to go into the work force out of high school and don't work for essential businesses qualify for the $1200, which makes sense because they are out of work. Many students have gone into debt but won't get the $1200. Is working for a non essential business a must to get the stimulus check?
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Apr 3, 2020