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You will need a paid installer. The bureaucrats will find a way to hamstring SpaceX until they agree to divvy up the windfall via local franchises.
I didn't watch the acceptance speech. Could it have been pre-recorded ?
One of the legacies of the civil rights era were policy/community oversight committees to "police the police". If officer Chauvin was such a bad egg (allegedly with 17 complaints) why was he allowed to remain on the force? Perhaps the administration of Minneapolis should start pointing the finger at itself.
I think she's waiting for a Tara Reade scenario to knock Biden out at the convention at which point she would humbly accept the presidential nomination from a grateful nation. Sort of a bloodless Manchurian Candidate moment.
Brother Pat, You obviously have many contacts in the security and intelligence community. Do they share your outlook? Could you give us a summary of how they are leaning? Thanks.
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Apr 15, 2020