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Somewhat reminiscent of the Beltway Shootings of Oct 2002. The media was in a frenzy trying to associate it with "the culture of guns and violence in the south" ; that is until it was discovered that two black men were the perpetrators. Same with the rash of church burnings in the south (mid 90s). The white racists storyline was quickly dropped after the FBI report concluded that it was mainly the black pastors who were burning their own churches for the insurance money.
Toggle Commented Jan 31, 2021 on Sam Grant will ride again? at Sic Semper Tyrannis
You will need a paid installer. The bureaucrats will find a way to hamstring SpaceX until they agree to divvy up the windfall via local franchises.
I didn't watch the acceptance speech. Could it have been pre-recorded ?
One of the legacies of the civil rights era were policy/community oversight committees to "police the police". If officer Chauvin was such a bad egg (allegedly with 17 complaints) why was he allowed to remain on the force? Perhaps the administration of Minneapolis should start pointing the finger at itself.
I think she's waiting for a Tara Reade scenario to knock Biden out at the convention at which point she would humbly accept the presidential nomination from a grateful nation. Sort of a bloodless Manchurian Candidate moment.
Brother Pat, You obviously have many contacts in the security and intelligence community. Do they share your outlook? Could you give us a summary of how they are leaning? Thanks.
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Apr 15, 2020