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congratulations Erin i was wondering if i missed the border patterns and instructions for the basket case quilt. i have totally enjoyed doing these.
Toggle Commented Nov 18, 2020 on A Very BIG Announcement! at One Piece at a Time
this would also be an awesome thing to do of your granddaughters as the center...remember in our early elementary days we all made a cut out of ourselves for our moms.....i could see this as a wall hanging...
Yes I too like some of the features but also thought the border would be a good place for quilting to mimic the flowers...or do the appliqued bunches in each corner. what i love about your designs are they are easy enough to make our own. just a simple color change or a little different placement...nothing is wrong..Yes will the border be available. also are the blocks just a reverse of 1 thru 4? or will you actually post blocks 5 through 8? thank you again for inspiring us...Im loving how my home again bom is coming along.
im really drawn to the brown fabric design do you actually sell fabric? or just like designing at this point?
Toggle Commented Sep 9, 2020 on Still Learning...ideas? at One Piece at a Time
Hi Erin for the blocks in this quilt will each have a pattern or are half of them just the reverse? I am still working on the last BOM have 2 blocks to go. Hope you have lots of wood for the fireplace :D wish i was there. Oh did you say you were doing a pattern for your baby quilt? my daughter in law is a kindergarten teacher and wanted to do something like this for her room.. thanks
Thank You Erin these have been so much fun. I started with a selection of FQ and these are the only fabrics I can use. I bought denim looking fabric for the setting squares and i also put a narrow border around each block with a color from in the block..i know i will have to adjust the setting squares but i wanted more definition. im new to commenting on these posts but would love to send you pics of the finished blocks so far...thank you again cant wait for the basket block you showed a week ago
if you are doing the 9" blocks in the home again series you could use this as the center medallion. you would have to start with a bigger background because you need it to finish 27" and this is 26" or you could put a border around it to fit the center. thank you for all your wonderful patterns
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Apr 29, 2020