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JiB I don’t think Harold had any chronic ailments other than a detached retina problem. Didn’t smoke, but on the other hand, wasn’t at all athletic, so wasn’t in best of shape
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Buckeye, incredibly sad to hear of MT's passing. We met a couple years ago at the dedication of the B-52 at the Museum of Flight. Hoyden, I remember the posts about that dedication. Glad you got to spend time with another flying enthusiast. We shared the same instructor, and Harold managed to do a engine out in the Turbo Arrow I did most of my instrument training in. Was really easy to overboost, he and I were probably both guilty of putting some hard hours on that plane:)
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An update I just posted on JOM2 replying to Narciso. Narciso MT, Harold Harrison in “real life” was a car enthusiast and racing fanatic. He grew up driving stick shift cars and refused to ever consider a car with an automatic transmission. Hence, the Manuel Transmission moniker. His wife has a Porsche Cayenne GTS with a stick. It is rare enough that the mechanics at the Seattle area Porsche dealer scratch their heads to figure out how to work on it:) Harold and I have known each other since he moved to Columbus in mid 70s to work at Battelle. He became friends with some of my buddies who worked there and raced cars. We spent time at many race tracks around the midwest. While there, he and a couple other guys invented a technology that helped railroads identify bad wheels on rolling stock. Battelle didn’t want to commercialize the tech, so Harold negotiated a royalty deal and started Salient Systems in 1984. After years of being pestered by him and his wife Shari, I relented and went to work for him in 1997. Soon found myself running Salient so they could spend more time in Friday Harbor instead of Columbus. We successfully sold the business in 2004, and he sold his place in Columbus and moved to Friday Harbor permanently. BTW, just got an email forwarded from Harold’s most recent business partner. Reading between the lines, sounds like he passed away yesterday, the 19th.
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Just got word from a mutual friend that MT passed away from a massive coronary today. As I get further news I will pass it on.
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MM Just catching up to find you in the hospital. Hope you are home quick and they get to the bottom of your low O2.
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Second, I am HIGHLY offended by Biden taking credit for the creation, effectiveness, and distribution of the vaccine, to-wit: It’s a gamble, MM. How many morons will believe the “story”? Sadly, there are way too many morons.
Shock: Solar asset underperformance continues to worsen, with projects “chronically underperforming” P99 estimates and modules degrading faster than previously anticipated, risk management firm kWh Analytics has found. About 5 years ago, I did some consulting for a company that builds remote monitoring equipment. They developed a a product targeted to a rail application and needed help identifying the right people in the railroads to approach. The NA railroads use self contained machines that apply lubricant to the inside of curve rail, and friction management products to the top of rail in hilly territory. In the US there are roughly 50,000 of these units in service. This activity is exactly the reason MT makes a widget that measures coefficient of friction on rail. 98% of these self contained units are solar powered. At any given time, more than 20% of the units don’t work. Usually because the solar panels have failed, and/or the battery storing power is shot. Chronic maintenance issue. That experience was enough to convince me that I sure as hell don’t want solar cells on my roof and a Tesla battery bolted to the garage wall.
No wonder there was plenty of cash for Epstein to burn as the #2 guy in the pyramid. And central Ahia is still stuck with Les, the “smiling philanthropist”.
Iggy, In re: Your 1043 last night. I did a 6 month Engineering co-op at Cinncinati Milling Machine (not Cincinnati MiliCron) back in 1963. They make the most awsome machines in the World. LeBlond is also in Cincinnati. BIL’s dad worked there his whole career after service in WWII. The milling machines were world class. The transition to Milicron was rocky for the old timers. New fangled CNC controls, plastic injection tech was just a bridge too far:)
Sounds like Peter Daszac needs to be found face down in a ditch right beside Fauci. Bet those pieces of shit are sweating bullets, as rightly they should.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2021 on Where's The Beef?!? And Pork! at JustOneMinute
Gee, I wonder what king fauci is doing tonite. Hopefully hiring lawyers! Hiring bodyguards would be more prudent.
Toggle Commented Jun 2, 2021 on Where's The Beef?!? And Pork! at JustOneMinute
The Michael Smith post is very good today. Our government is one big single point of failure. Convince me I’m wrong. I hope some one who lost a loved one to the Fauci funded gain of function enhanced virus deals with that little piece of shit.
Toggle Commented Jun 2, 2021 on Where's The Beef?!? And Pork! at JustOneMinute
JiB Appropriate that Carlsberg is refitting that monastery. I know I’ve worshipped a few times at the alter of Carlsberg Elephant:)
MT Glad to see Mrs. MT is as spunky as ever:) Say hi to Anker from me next time you chat with him.
Toggle Commented May 30, 2021 on Saturday! at JustOneMinute
When the shooting starts, rest assured that “regular guy” won’t give a fat, flying fuck what the 9th circuit says about open carry. Or concealed for that matter.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2021 on Punt. at JustOneMinute
We are watching Buckeyette’s adolescent male cat. He doesn’t think I should sleep past 5:30. Sure glad she is picking him up today.
Last thing we need is a war with China while Xiden is commander in chief. I have seen how the Chinese treat their peasants. No thanks.
Toggle Commented May 25, 2021 on Sunday Morning at JustOneMinute
MM My paternal grandfather was one of 18. Needless to say, I have a boatload of cousins, mostly in TN, VA, NC and SC. Most of them I have never met, including the 72 year old, but another cousin confirmed the relationship.
Toggle Commented May 24, 2021 on Sunday Morning at JustOneMinute
MM The 72 year old Vet that hogtied the “no account” in SC is a distant cousin. He and I have exactly same shade of white hair. Maybe I should grow his mountain man beard:)
Toggle Commented May 24, 2021 on Sunday Morning at JustOneMinute
We usually make it to Seabrook about once a year, but have stayed at Kiawah a couple times. Played the Ocean Course once. It was windy just like today. Don’t even remember how many balls I lost, but wasn’t pretty:)
Toggle Commented May 23, 2021 on Sunday Morning at JustOneMinute
Anyone who has ridden subways in Beijing knows that the public in China is treated about two levels below cattle by public transportation. Bet some public get run over by that virtual train.
Toggle Commented May 19, 2021 on Another One Boards The Bus at JustOneMinute
Those flight plans often include many intermediary waypoints. If flying visually (VFR) they may even be physical landmarks. If flying instruments (IFR), they may be radio generated waypoints or more common now, GPS created as triangulated from multiple satellite signals
Those of you with aviation experience how does one describe flight plans, is it merely the angle of approach, how does one establish a heading. Narciso, Flight planning has evolved as avionics have become more sophisticated. A simple, straight forward method that pilots normally learn first is to plot out a destination on a map called a VFR sectional that includes some land reference points. You then use a protractor to figure out compass headings. As you fly that heading you make corrections for the wind blowing you off course based on identifying those land reference points. Instrument flying utilizes positional information “read” by nav equipment in the plane. Essentially telling you what direction to head, and providing info that says correct right or left as needed. In most aircraft, this is coupled with the auto pilot, that generally does an excellent job of making those continuous corrections. Better than most of us can “hand fly”.
Why is Maxine entitled to a security detail? Who gets them, and who doesn’t?