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Dan Huck
Displaced New Yorker, IBM, Vietnam era Vet, BC grad, Comm of MA social worker, ret'd restaurant owner
Interests: family, foreign affairs, politics, Tulsi Gabbard's campaign, travel, business
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Pat - Virginia evidently does underpasses rather than bridges Feb 9, 2013 - ... Underpasses by Large Mammals in Virginia and Factors Influencing ... bisected land he owned, he would prefer to have a wildlife crossing. › vtrc › main › online_reports › pdf The Use of Highway Underpasses by Large Mammals ... - VDOT PDF 2004 - ‎Cited by 11 - ‎Related articles Aug 2, 2005 - Wildlife crossing structures are gaining national recognition by transportation agencies as effective measures to reduce animal-vehicle collisions and connect wildlife habitats across transportation corridors. In Virginia, white-tailed deer and black bear pose the highest risk.
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Feb 11, 2020